Jean-Michel Blanquer regrets the “symbolism” of Ibiza, but not his departure on vacation

Jean-Michel Blanquer (right), at the National Assembly, Tuesday January 18, 2022. THOMAS SAMSON / AFP Jean-Michel Blanquer regretted the symbolism of his departure on vacation in Ibiza on the eve of the start of the school year, without however formulating a mea culpa, Tuesday January 18. “It turns out that the place I chose, I … Read more

The Richest Man In China Reappears On Vacation In Ibiza

Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba who disappeared from the public scene at the beginning of the year after his criticism of the control of the Chinese financial system, has reappeared on vacation in Ibiza, according to the Hong Kong newspaper The Standard. The billionaire, his country’s greatest fortune with a wealth of 35,700 million … Read more

Pharrell Williams opens house in Ibiza with David Lynch-inspired look

short Music Non Stop no Facebook Giant tentacles, faces on the walls and the surreal atmosphere of David Lynch. All this in a place where you can dance to DJs, have your drinks or eat something from the Balearic cuisine. All of this on the beachfront, in the east of central Ibiza. That’s the pop … Read more

Alicia Vikander And Michael Fassbender: Holidays In Ibiza After A Year Without Being Seen And Having Been Parents … In Secret

They form the most cool from the world of cinema, but there are very few times that they are seen together. It has been almost a year – since October 2020 – that Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender were photographed for the last time … and their reappearance has come loaded with mysteries and surprises. … Read more

in Formentera and Ibiza holidays in compliance with the rules

Lara Corsinovi and Marco Dadone, co-founder of Ibiza Project Ibiza Project sheds light on the health and tourism situation in the islands and reassures the market about the possibility of experience a holiday of full relaxation and leisure a Ibiza come a Formentera. To date – reminds the Italian DMC that deals with tailor-made incoming … Read more

The new fashion and luxury places in Ibiza

Hedonist, musical and magnetic, the island has managed to converge its essence. Years go by, idols and fashions change, but she remains the same. Genuine and eccentric. The ideal island where maximum luxury and total detachment coexist. Freedom and fun. Madness and recollection. The island is still magical. It has kept its genuine essence because … Read more

qui la festa. A Ibiza apre il primo Hard Rock Hotel d’Europa

18 maggio 2014 – Milano Le mete esotiche pi cool cambiano ogni anno, come i must di stagione dettati dal fashion system. Ma chi ha voglia di una vacanza tra stile e ritmo, da qualche decennio a Ibiza si trova a proprio agio. L’isla blanca non solo il ritrovo internazionale di dj e clubber. Ci … Read more

Pikes Ibiza, le légendaire hôtel regufio de Freddie Mercury

Il y a beaucoup d’endroits dans le monde où nous aimerions être, mais peu surpassent celui de la fête d’anniversaire que Freddie Mercury a organisée en 1987 à l’hôtel Pikes à Ibiza. Encore catalogué aujourd’hui comme l’une des nuits les plus légendaires de l’île des Baléares, Mercury, Mary Austin et Tony Pikes, propriétaire de l’hôtel, … Read more