They solve the mystery of the identity of the first hybrid animal

They create “sturgeon-paddlefish”, an unexpected hybrid 0:53 (CNN) — Bronze Age bioengineers created the first hybrid animal: a majestic horse-like creature known as a kunga that had a donkey mother, a Syrian wild ass for a father and lived 4,500 years ago, according to new research based on sequencing the DNA from the animal skeleton. … Read more

the fuzzy outlines of an unprecedented identity check

Health pass control in Les Vans (Ardèche), December 8, 2021. VIVIANE DALLES / DIVERGENCE FOR “THE WORLD” Will you soon have to present your identity card in addition to your QR code to drink a coffee on the terrace? More than 182,000 false health passes have been identified by the police since July 2021 – … Read more

Threatened, the mythical Polish daily “Gazeta Wyborcza” fights for its identity

Printing of the Polish daily “Gazeta Wyborcza”, in Warsaw, in February 1999. PAWEL KOPCZYNSKI / REUTERS On this Thursday, November 25, at the headquarters of the Gazeta Wyborcza, the mythical daily founded by the opponent to communism and figure of the Solidarnosc union Adam Michnik, the offices are almost deserted because of the pandemic. But … Read more

Identity Spread, Kim Seon Ho’s Ex-Girlfriend Experiences Mental Pressure : Okezone Celebrity

SEOUL – Choi, ex -lover Kim Seon Ho, had to bear the bad consequences of his decision to expose the actor’s bad behavior. His identity, ranging from photos, work, social media accounts, to his past, is spread on social media. Not only that, he also received life-threatening threats from netizens. Regarding this matter, Choi through … Read more

Amateur Detective Team Says Discovered Zodiac Killer Identity – Observer

After an American software programmer, a Belgian computer programmer and an Australian mathematician deciphered, in December 2020, one of the coded letters of the famous Zodiac Killer, behold, another team of amateurs announces that they have discovered the identity of the man who terrorized the San Francisco Bay Area in the late 1960s. According to … Read more

There is a new theory about the identity of the ‘Zodiac Killer’

Maria Campos Yesterday at 3:52 pm An independent team of investigators believes they have identified the “Zodiac Killer”, a criminal at the center of one of the most infamous cases in US history, unsolved for 52 years. The “Zodiac Killer” is associated with five homicides in the San Francisco Bay between 1968 and 1969. Two … Read more

Facebook Whistleblower Reveals Identity, Says Company Prioritized Profits Over Public Good

Teens analyze how social media impacts them 2:41 New York (CNN Business) – The identity of the Facebook whistleblower who posted tens of thousands of pages of internal investigations and documents, sparking a firestorm for the social media company in recent weeks, was revealed on the “60 Minutes” program on Sunday. the night. Her name: … Read more

Synopsis of the Bond of Love October 4, 2021: Andin and Irfan Meet, the Identity of the Terrorist in the Alfahri Family Revealed: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Love Bond October 4, 2021 will feature a meeting between Andin and Irfan Pratama. The touching moment is known to have occurred at Papa Surya’s Coffee Shop. On that occasion, Irfan was seen crying after seeing his face Andin who is quite similar to his late brother. Likewise Andin, who was shocked to learn … Read more

Synopsis Ikatan Cinta 3 October 2021: Following Papa Surya, Irfan Pratama reveals his identity as Sofia’s younger brother: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– soap operas Love Bond again presents the excitement in each episode. Tonight, (3/10/2021) Andin looks moved after getting a call from his sister, Elsa. From a mental rehabilitation center, Elsa is seen borrowing the phone of one of the nurses to contact Andin. On that occasion, Elsa could be heard asking Andin about who … Read more