Life imprisonment required against the “sole perpetrator” of the “savage” murder of Mireille Knoll

Flowers and signs spread out in front of Mireille Knoll’s apartment, in Paris, on March 28, 2018. THIBAULT Camus / AP The case had put latent anti-Semitism back in the spotlight in France, a year after the murder of Sarah Halimi, a Jewish sexagenarian thrown from her balcony. In the context of the protagonists’ trial … Read more

Imprisonment threatens: YouTuber “Drachenlord” is back on trial today – Emskirchen

– Every day people make a pilgrimage to Altschauerberg, to the house of YouTube star Rainer Winkler. Hate demonstrators are hostile to the “Dragon Lord” – digitally and live on site. The state of emergency in the 40-strong town could soon end: As of today, Rainer Winkler (32) is back on trial – and he … Read more

Sarah Everard’s murderer sentenced to life imprisonment

Flowers and messages of condolence at the place where Sarah Everard’s body was found, in March 2021. GLYN KIRK / AFP Wayne Couzens, a 48-year-old police officer was sentenced Thursday, September 30, by British justice to life imprisonment for the rape and murder in March of Londoner Sarah Everard. In announcing his sentence to Wayne … Read more

Islamic State jihadist Tyler Vilus sentenced on appeal to life imprisonment

The accused was sentenced to 30 years at first instance, on facts committed between 2013 and 2015. Article written by Posted the 09/21/2021 9:42 PM Update the 09/21/2021 9:42 PM Reading time : 1 min. The French jihadist Tyler Vilus was sentenced on Tuesday, September 21 on appeal to life imprisonment, against 30 years at … Read more

Jihadist Tyler Vilus sentenced on appeal to life imprisonment

Sketch of the hearing made on June 25, 2020, during the opening of the trial of Tyler Vilus, before the special assize court in Paris. BENOIT PEYRUCQ / AFP The appeal trial of French jihadist Tyler Vilus, a figure of francophone jihadism, ended in Paris on Tuesday, September 21, before the special assize court. This … Read more

Preventive Imprisonment For The Four Implicated In The Horrific Murder Of Edison Martín Olivera | Daily Change

Seeking to finalize the proceedings regarding the homicide of the 31-year-old Edison Martín Olivera Sosa, who was murdered and mutilated, the Police yesterday transferred the four implicated in the case (three male and one female) to the Criminal Court to testify, in order to pass judgment on them. This homicide has been investigated since Tuesday … Read more

Hubert Caouissin sentenced to thirty years of criminal imprisonment

At the trial of the Troadec case, at the Loire-Atlantique Assize Court, July 7, 2021. SEBASTIEN SALOM-GOMIS / AFP The Loire-Atlantique Assize Court condemned, Wednesday, July 7, Hubert Caouissin to thirty years of criminal imprisonment for the quadruple murder of the Troadec family, which occurred in February 2017 in Orvault, near Nantes. The accused was … Read more

At the Troadec trial, the life imprisonment required against Hubert Caouissin for the quadruple murder

A police officer walks towards Sébastien Troadec’s car, in Saint-Nazaire, on March 2, 2017. STEPHANE MAHE / REUTERS After two weeks of a trial that came to shed light on the springs of Hubert Caouissin’s murderous madness, the requisitions fell on Tuesday, July 6, in the Troadec affair. Before the Loire-Atlantique assizes, life imprisonment was … Read more