Terme Chianciano relaunches the Acqua Santa Park, a new look, events and guided tours

Terme di Chianciano relaunches the Acqua Santa Park with a new look, or rather, an additional one. Not only the place where you go to “pass the waters”, but a place you can visit: on the thrust of the new tourist structure of the Municipality of Chianciano, the goal is to enhance the park also … Read more

the inauguration of the subway in his honor

The Queen Elizabeth finally back among the people. A surprise exit that made people pull a sigh of relief to the whole of the UK. 96-year-old Queen Elizabeth, who is celebrating this year’s i 70 years of reigncertainly could not miss the ceremony completion of the works at Paddington station on … Read more

They Will Sell Replicas Of The Brooch That Lady Gaga Wore During The Inauguration Of Joe Biden

The Italian firm of Schiaparelli will market with charitable purposes the brooch what did he carry Lady Gaga during the inauguration of Joe Biden What President of United States. The Schiaparelli Where, a dove in gold, I know will reproduce in three different sizes and what is obtained from the sale of the iconic brooch … Read more