the countries of the European Union are increasingly showing their differences

German Chancellor Angela Merkel surrounded by European Council President Charles Michel and French President Emmanuel Macron on the first day of the European Union summit in Brussels on October 21, 2021. JOHN THYS / AFP They had not, the day before, decided in the heart of the respect for the rule of law by Poland … Read more

why it is increasingly difficult to model the evolution of the epidemic

A technician points to a screen showing a positive result in a PCR test in a laboratory in Blanc-Mesnil (Seine-Saint-Denis), near Paris, France, September 22, 2020. GONZALO FUENTES / REUTERS The latest results came out on October 8 from the computers of the teams of modellers, which are supplying the public authorities on the future … Read more

In Jair Bolsonaro’s Brazil, neo-Nazis increasingly visible and uninhibited

Protesters hold up placards comparing Jair Bolsonaro to Adolf Hitler, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 2018. NELSON ALMEIDA / AFP LETTER FROM RIO DE JANEIRO On the surface, everything seems normal. On the videos posted online, a young student turns 24. There are colorful balloons, sweets. The family is happy and sings in the heart … Read more

Six months before the presidential election, Emmanuel Macron increasingly assumes a pro-nuclear position

Emmanuel Macron during his visit to the Framatome plant in Creusot (Saône-et-Loire), December 8, 2020. JEAN-CLAUDE COUTAUSSE FOR “THE WORLD” And suddenly, the nuclear issue was invited into the presidential campaign. The file, passionate and divisive, source of anguish inherited from the disasters of Fukushima and Chernobyl for some, reason of national pride for others, … Read more

Bàsquet Girona, An Increasingly Real Option For Marc Gasol

While Marc Gasol is defoliating the margarita of Her future After leaving the Lakers first and after the Grizzlies, the option to return to Catalonia to compete in Bàsquet Girona, the club that he presides over with the ambition of bearing the name of the city and wearing the motto pride gironí everywhere, above all … Read more

In HLMs, a growing demand from increasingly precarious populations

A building composed of low-rent apartments (HLM), in Calais (Pas-de-Calais), September 20, 2017. PHILIPPE HUGUEN / AFP HLM organizations, meeting from Tuesday 28 to Thursday 30 September in congress, in Bordeaux, wondered, Wednesday, on the answer to be brought to the growing demand for social housing. The list of candidates knocking on their door is … Read more

Covid-19 in Occitanie: 803 hospitalizations in progress, increasingly young patients in intensive care

the essential The number of Covid-19 patients in critical care services continues to climb in Occitania, according to figures released on Tuesday by the ARS. 803 hospitalizations are in progress, including 170 in intensive care and critical care. This Tuesday, the results of the Regional Health Agency indicate, without too much surprise, a strong and … Read more