Coming to Cross Check! iNews TV, Wika Salim Suddenly Wants to Change Name : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Dangdut singer Wika Salim suddenly want to change name when present at the event Cross Check! on iNews TV, Monday (17/1/2022). At first Jarwo Strong seemed to want to shake the sword’s hand. Seeing his colleague’s behavior, Denny Cagur immediately reprimanded him. “What are you doing?!” said Denny Cagur quoted from the show Cross … Read more

Ahead of the New Year, iNews Presents 3 New Year’s Special News Programs : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– I can’t believe we’re just counting the days we’ve reached the end of the year. Instead of being confused about what to do, iNews is ready to accompany you with a series of interesting news and information special for the new year. Through discussions about various events throughout the new year, iNews will present … Read more

From Cemetery Keepers to Selling Assets, Nunung has done to make a living, watch the full story Only in Chat with Gus Miftah iNews TV : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Have you ever heard the saying “fall? Rise again”? The sentence seems to be true and needs to be practiced because when we fall in a life problem, we have to keep getting up and try again. Just like the guest star who will come directly to the chat studio with Gus Miftah this … Read more