The Metaverse Has A Musical Band: Mutant Monkeys Inspired By Gorillaz

Key facts: There will be four monkeys representing KINGSHIP, the new NFT band. This is a metaverse grouping that will create your own music. Has competition come to Gorillaz? It seems. A Web3 firm called 10:22 PM, which is responsible for developing artists, intellectual property and supporting digital creators, announced yesterday the formation of the … Read more

The place that inspired “Squid Game” is on AirBnB (and it’s spectacular)

One of the most striking details of the Netflix series Squid Game is where the brutal games that give the series its name take place. After being stunned by a gas, the game participants wake up in a colorful and strange place, where they have to go through a series of stairs and arches that … Read more

this hypnotic place that inspired the sets of the series is available on AirBnB

Currently, no series comes close to Squid Game popularity level. It’s undeniable, the series is on all screens and mouths. And for good reason, she made a success of a difficult bet, which was metr death games and childhood games in a Dantesque Battle Royale. The series is also known for its iconic plans and … Read more

Crab Game: The Battle Royale on PC Inspired by the Squid Game Series on Netflix

Game news Crab Game: The Battle Royale on PC Inspired by the Squid Game Series on Netflix Published on 11/16/2021 11:10 AM Squid Game was the audiovisual phenomenon of the start of the 2021 school year. The Netflix series has won the day, once again highlighting productions from South Korea. It did not take long … Read more

The Man Of Steel (2013) Has Inspired This Marvel Studios Film

Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel movie is one of the inspirations for the new Marvel Studios premiere. Has already hit theaters The Eternals, the new movie of Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe which features a host of heroes. But there is one in particular, Ikaris from Richard Madden which is very reminiscent of Superman. So it … Read more

What locations is Deathloop’s Blackreef Island inspired by? Its creators reveal it

Arkane explains what real locations they were based on to create Blackreef Island, Deathloop’s main setting. Deathloop is one of the best games we have seen this year, and in fact many of you do not hesitate to put it on your lists for GOTY 2021. It is available in PS5 and PC. Developed by … Read more

The True Story Of The Viral Challenge That Inspired The Movie ’50 Or Two Whales’

During the Morelia International Film Festival edition or FICM For this 2021, the film premiered in competition (Mexican Feature Film) 50 or two whales meet on the beach by Jorge Cuchí, which managed to close its production after winning a couple of international awards. 50 or two whales meet on the beach Its protagonist is … Read more

‘The More Life, the Better!’: Giovanna Antonelli says she was inspired by the ‘Brazilian woman’ to interpret Hurricane Paula | The More Life the Better!

Who watched the first teaser of ‘The More Life the Better!‘ realized that the Paula she is a woman of enviable self-esteem. Giovanna Antonelli she confesses that her character, a successful businesswoman, is quite self-assured, in addition to having other attributes that promise to entertain the audience: “She’s competent, fast and intelligent. Full of self-esteem … Read more

Clueless: 10 Outfits Inspired By Alicia Silverstone’s Iconic Yellow Suit

This year was the 26th anniversary of the premiere of “Clueless“, one of the most transcendent romantic comedies of the 90s, whose outfits and style in particular continue to be honored by today’s fashion icons. Celebrities such as Chiara Ferragni or Sara Sampaio have recently been inspired by the iconic yellow set of paintings that … Read more

The Story Of Mark, The Real ‘father’ Of Back To The Future: The Man Who Had In His Basement A Jewel That Inspired The Film

A pair of friends collide with a “no”, two, three, ten times. He ignores, he hears a refusal again, he continues offering a project with a certain unconsciousness and ends up giving a lesson in perseverance: 44 rejections before success. That’s the big (well-known) story behind the eighties tank Return to the future. But there … Read more