Chiara Ferragni nude look at the concert, the t-shirt that defies censorship and inflames Instagram

Chiara Ferragni brakeless. The influencer continues to talk about himself and does so with another provocative photo. After the photo in the tub, completely nakedin which only the foam covered his graces, here comes another hot post in which he challenges the censorship from Instagram. One appears on her profile shirt … Read more

on Instagram, a collective is trying to make influencers green

One of the posts from the Pay Your Influence account. @PAYETONINFLUENCE “What would happen if Léna Situations or Squeezie went green? » If these two Instagrammers, cumulating between them 11 million subscribers, promoted train travel rather than round trips to New York by plane, the joys of happy sobriety rather than fast fashion brands? This … Read more

“Starting the day with a good assassination attempt.” What happened at the Ferragnez house

The tender struggle between Fedez and the little one Food continues unabated. But this time the Milanese singer took a big risk. Fedez’s latest post on Instagram it has certainly made many jump out of their chairs. After the grueling attempts to get her daughter to pronounce “dad”, a “attempted murder … Read more

«The audios from the psychologist? Narcissism and exhibitionism “

Wild Lucarelli criticism Fedez, without ever naming it. On Sunday 12 June Italy woke up with the moving stories Instagram by Fedez where you listened to the desperate audio of a man who has just discovered he has a tumore al pancreas. Almost everyone was moved to hear a young and … Read more

Kylie Jenner hot on Instagram, the fake topless and the invitation: “Free your nipples”

Kylie Jenner manda in tilt Instagram. The make-up mogul, reality star and social media icon is used to inflaming Instagram with her followers hot shots that dictate the trend, but this time it has been overcome. On his Instagram page, in fact, a photo appears that, at first glance, could make … Read more

Fedez, the audio with the psychologist on the day of the discovery of the tumor: “I don’t want to die”

«I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die, I’m afraid my children won’t even remember me. ” These are the words, between the sobs of tears, of Fedez to the psychologist on the day he discovered he had pancreatic cancer. After suffering and returning to normal for Fedez it’s … Read more

“They hacked my Instagram, asking me for money”

Misadventure for Roberto Alessi. The director of Novella 2000 communicated that his profile Instagram was hacked. But what happened? Someone, no one knows how, managed to illegally enter the journalist’s social profile, change his password, and take possession of it. Read also> Tommaso Zorzi quotes Stefano De … Read more

«Vinceremo contro tutti. Ti difenderò da tutto»

Una dedica commovente quella che Viktorija Mihajlovic ha lasciato su instagram per papà Sinisa. «Ti difenderò da incubi e tristezze. Ti riparerò da inganni e maldicenze. E ti abbraccerò per darti forza sempre». Una foto in bianco e nero in cui la ragazza è abbracciata al papà e gli dedica le parole importanti … Read more