SpaceX begins installing ‘Mechazilla’ arms designed to catch Starship rockets

After a busy few weeks spent attaching Mechazilla’s two rocket-catching arms to a carriage-like backbone, SpaceX has begun the process of installing the integrated structure on Starbase’s ~450 ft (~135m) tall Starship ‘launch tower’. Once complete, SpaceX will have created a first-of-its-kind launch tower designed to stack and manipulate Starships and Super Heavy boosters in … Read more

SpaceX installing Raptors on first orbital-class Starship

For the third time in two months, SpaceX has begun installing Raptor engines on its first orbital-class Starship prototype – hopefully for good. In no uncertain terms, Starship 20’s (S20) path to what could be its last Raptor installations has been about as windy and mysterious as they come. Starship 20 (S20) left the Starbase … Read more

SpaceX schedules first Super Heavy static fire after installing three Raptors

After an apparent false start on Wednesday morning, SpaceX has distributed a second safety alert among Boca Chica residents in anticipation of the first static fire of a Super Heavy booster as early as July 15th. Delineated by highway and beach closures filed in advance with Cameron County, Thursday’s window stretches from 12pm to 8pm … Read more