Tweaking the Trajectory – NASA’s Europa Clipper

Every part of Europa Clipper’s flight path, or trajectory, is important – from launch in 2024 until end-of-mission in the mid-2030s. But the mission’s scientific target is Europa, so the most complex and demanding segment of the spacecraft’s trajectory is the three years when it performs repeated flybys of the moon. This part of the … Read more

NASA continues investigating reason Hubble Space Telescope Instruments are in Safe Mode

Greenbelt, MD – NASA is continuing work to resolve an issue that has suspended science operations on the Hubble Space Telescope. The science instruments entered a safe mode configuration on October 25th, 2021 after detecting a loss of specific data synchronization messages. The Hubble team is focusing its efforts to isolate the problem on hardware … Read more

Unexpected Turbulence for the S-MODE Airborne Instruments – NASA Earth Expeditions

By Dragana Perkovic-Martin, Principal Investigator for DopplerScatt at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory // SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA // Flight crew for October 25, 2021. From left to right: Delphine Hypolite (UCLA MOSES operator), Michael Stewart (Ames Research Center pilot), Tracy Phelps (Armstrong Flight Research Center – Armstrong Flight Research Center pilot) and Federica Polverari (JPL DopplerScatt operator). … Read more

President of Creotech Instruments: “95 percent of our clients are foreign buyers”

“The recipients of our products are usually international customers, both in the space area and in the area related to the so-called scientific instrumentations“- said the president of Creotech Instruments, Dr. Grzegorz Brona, in a statement for, discussing the threads of the company’s activities and development plans so far. As he emphasized, it is … Read more

“Green” debut of Creotech Instruments on the NewConnect market

Shares of Creotech Instruments, a Polish manufacturer of electronic systems and satellite components, reached PLN 76.99 on the NewConnect market at the time of its opening (October 12, this is 26.2 percent). more in relation to the reference price (PLN 61.00). As noted, 1 million series A shares, 62,752 series B shares, 67,300 series C … Read more

Vortices and Dust Devils As Observed by the MEDA Instruments onboard Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover

Vortices and Dust Devils As Observed by the MEDA Instruments onboard Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover Status Report From: e-Print archive Posted: Tuesday, September 14, 2021 Brian Jackson An important and perhaps dominant source of dust in the martian atmosphere, dust devils play a key role in Mars’ climate. Datasets from previous landed missions have … Read more

ABBA takes instruments out of the closet and releases new music after 40 years,

short Music Non Stop no Facebook Two thousand twenty-one, the crazy year. Even Abba decided to take the instruments out of the closet and go back to the recording industry. Group that rented duplex in the head of the club crowd from the seventies and eighties returns to the world of music after 40 years … Read more

Grzegorz Brona returns to the position of President of Creotech Instruments

Change in the position of the president of the management board of Creotech Instruments SA, a Polish producer of satellite systems and components as well as advanced electronics intended for, inter alia, for quantum computer control systems, this is the result of a recent decision by the company’s Supervisory Board. This role was again entrusted … Read more

Van Laar – Brass instruments with original hallmark

The Dutch brand Van Laar has been producing premium brass instruments since 1990. Among musicians, they pay for the absolute top, not only for the high quality of their instruments. It is especially popular for its individual approach to each customer and his needs. The toolmakers of the Van Laar workshop consult with customers on … Read more