Viral Doddy Sudrajat Geagapan when Asked for Gala’s Birthday, Even though Intention to Take Care of Vanessa Angel’s Children: Okezone Celebrity

FATHER Vanessa Angel, Doddy Sudrajat, is in the spotlight of netizens because he is considered to want to control his daughter’s inheritance and really wants to take care of Gala Sky Ardiansyah, his grandson. But, recently, Gala’s grandfather became a netizen conversation because he forgot his grandson’s birthday. At that time, Doddy Sudrajat appeared and … Read more

Erdogan displays intention to deepen military cooperation with Russia

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin (right) in Sochi, Russia, September 29, 2021. VLADIMIR SMIRNOV / AP In the plane that brought him back from Sochi, Russia, where he met, Wednesday, September 29, with his counterpart Vladimir Putin, Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke about the future he sees in terms of … Read more

Vicky Prasetyo Sentenced to 4 Months in Prison, Angel Lelga: I Have No Intention To Imprison People, But… : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Enmity Angel Lelga and Vicky Prasetyo entered the final round. It is known that the husband of Kalina Ocktaranny was sentenced to 4 months in prison by the panel of judges at the South Jakarta District Court last Thursday. In response to this, Angel Lelga said he was satisfied with the decision. However, she … Read more

Witnesses confirm intention to sell and value of the house in Salgado

In the fourth session of the trial of the related and separate process of Operation Marquis, held at the Criminal Court of Lisbon, lawyer José Baptista Neto, who has worked for GES from Brazil, admitted to having assisted Ricardo Salgado and his wife, Maria João Bastos Salgado, for the acquisition of land that would be … Read more

Sorry, Olivia Jensen: I Have No Intention To Harass The National Flag : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Actress Olivia Jensen released an official apology via feed His personal Instagram, on August 20, 2021. This is the second apology, after previously uploading a video on Insta Story. Olivia opened her upload by thanking fans who always support her work. He also realized that the video he uploaded to celebrate the 76th … Read more

Intention to eat porridge, Irwansyah and Zaskia In fact Affected by Raffi Ahmad’s Drug Case: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- Couple Irwansyah and Zaskia Sungkar were involved in the Raffi Ahmad drug case in 2013. It turns out that there is a funny story behind the accusations of the two celebrity couples. Raffi Ahmad | At first, the couple was going to buy porridge near his house. But how will they go to Nagita … Read more