Cannes 2022: awards, debrief, behind the scenes, interviews… find all our podcasts live from the Festival – Actus Ciné

The AlloCiné editorial team has offered you daily podcasts to allow you to follow the 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival in (almost) real time. 10 podcasts to (re)listen to relive the event… bestimage For this 75th Cannes Film Festival, the editorial staff of AlloCiné has offered you podcasts daily to allow you to … Read more

INTERVIEWS: Dick O’Brass – Our Box Is As Wide As The World Itself

Dick O’Brass changed the line-up, and ten years later last year they released another series, “Between Light and Darkness.” “The new album opens up space for a wider audience. In the end, we were surprised at how much influence Celtic music remained in the end,” describe their work in our interview. © Martin Košata What … Read more

INTERVIEWS: Lucie Vondráčková – I’ve Always Been A Little Unclassifiable

Few people on the domestic scene evoke such colorful emotions as Lucie Vondráčková. On the other hand, a woman of many faces and talents, who many criticize for the quality of production and the fact that she is constantly washed up on the boulevard, has a lot of fans and successes. We talked not only … Read more

INTERVIEWS: Disco Ocultista – Preparing Music For A Film Is Liberating

La Petite Sonja and Hank J. Mancini left water indie for a while and as Disco Ocultista they composed the soundtrack to Michal Nohejl’s film “Occupation”. “Working on film music was a big challenge and a dream come true,” summarizes the process of making Hank. But we also talked about whether new the duo will … Read more

INTERVIEWS: Jan Kunze (Munroe) – If You Want To Do Something Your Own, The Journey Will Be Harder

This year, the two-member Munroe formation raised money for their new album “Wild Flowers” through a crowdfunding campaign. “We wanted to keep the rawness and minimalism,” says singer and lyricist Jan Kunze about her. In the conversation, however, there were, for example, wolves, forest and Jeseníky. Kay Burianek from Sunshine helped you with the production … Read more

INTERVIEWS: Annabelle – At Eurovision, I Would Present A Rock But Sensitive And Emotional Show

Singer and rapper Annabelle is also in the final seven of the national round of Eurovision. From the very beginning, he has been aiming at the foreign market with his work, and he is not afraid to describe Eurovision as “promotional miracle”. We talked about her potential representative song “Running Out Of F * Time”, … Read more

INTERVIEWS: Music Prague Band – People Appreciate The Fact That We Did Not Soften

After a long pause, the Prague Band Music released a new album “Colorful Dreams”, which definitely confirms the new era after the end of the collaboration with Michal Ambrož. We talked about all this with our brothers Vladimír and Bohumil Zatloukalové and finally with the singer Zdeněk Hnyk, who came at the end of our … Read more

INTERVIEWS: Emma Smetana And Jordan Haj – We Live And Work Well Together. It Looks Like A Common Record

Emmy Smetana and Jordan Haje have met several times in the current single “By Now”. The musicians, who, in addition to their work, have a long-term relationship and two children, will try to succeed with him in the national round of Eurovision. “In recent years, the competition has pleasantly surprised us,” admit in an interview. … Read more

INTERVIEWS: Isama Zing – Each Track Has Asked Who It Wants To Work With

“Most Zrní fans are unlikely to visit Ankali and vice versa,” says Isama Zing when I ask him about tribalism in society, which is one of the main themes of this year’s album “Blurry AF”. The following interview is about the crowd of guests and his approach to electronic music and Romani ballads. Musicians often … Read more

INTERVIEWS: Vladimír Mišík – A Little Touch, A Little Cheer

Vladimír Mišík joined forces with producer Petr Ostrouchov for the second time. The result of their joint work is the highly rated album “Night Image”. A new recording is always an opportunity to talk. In addition to the slow emergence of the new album, Vladimír Mišík and I were able to discuss the past, the … Read more