Hong Kong to Introduce Law on New “National Security” Breaches

Chief Executive Carrie Lam answers questions from lawmakers during the Legislative Council’s first session in Hong Kong on January 12, 2022. TYRONE SIU / REUTERS The Hong Kong government will introduce a law that will include new violations of the “National security”, announced Wednesday, January 12, the chief executive during the first session of the … Read more

May we introduce? Dominik Stuckmann is our new Bachelor

RTL>broadcasts>show> December 28, 2021 – 8:35 am Clock As “The Bachelor” in 2022, Dominik wants to make history Dominik Stuckmann wants to “write his own story” in 2022 – as a 12th Bachelor at RTL! He is a successful businessman, an ambitious athlete and not only at home in Frankfurt am Main, but also under … Read more

In China, the plan to introduce a property tax resurfaces

Mega real estate complex under construction at Evergrande, in Jurong (China), on October 19, 2021. RAUL ARIANO FOR “THE WORLD” The property tax project in China is a sea serpent: presented for twenty years as a solution to the many ills from which the real estate sector suffers, it has so far never been implemented. … Read more

Barbora Šporclová Kodetová will introduce herself as a singer

Actress Barbora Kodetová Šporclová is primarily an actress, but she is also beginning to profile herself as an excellent singer. In the program Behind the Rainbow, which he will present on October 26 at 7 pm in the Professional House of the IFF on Malostranské náměstí in Prague, he will pay tribute to his singing … Read more

Medina confidently climbed three floors to deliver a rose but was insulted. Coins heard screams of victory but had to introduce himself

Paiva Couceiro Square was the starting point for Fernando Medina’s traditional campaign street and there was no lack of t-shirts or flags decorating the around 50 supporters of the president of the CML, as soon as the first saxophones and trumpets began to be heard. play the famous march, “Lá vai Lisboa”. The bus arrives … Read more

PM from Finland wants to introduce 4-day workweek

06 Janeiro, 2020 • 17:49 Finland is not a virgin in testing alternative ways to the typical workweek. Until the beginning of last year, there was an experiment in which a group of people received a universal minimum income, which was completed precisely a year ago. Finland’s new prime minister, Sanna Marin – who made the news as she … Read more

Marvel Studios Would Be Planning To Introduce The Dark Avengers

The Dark Avengers could land in the Marvel Studios movies sooner than we expect Marvel fans have been convinced that the Dark Avengers will make an appearance very soon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.. Various rumors have pointed out that the twisted superhero team, led by Norman Osborn’s Iron Patriot in the comics, will be … Read more