US intelligence says Russia prepares operation to justify invasion of Ukraine

Does Russia have an unwillingness to reduce tension with Ukraine? 2:51 (CNN) –– The United States has information indicating that Russia has prepared in advance a group of agents to carry out a “false flag” operation in eastern Ukraine, a US official told CNN on Friday, in an attempt to create a pretext for an … Read more

Joe Biden promises, once again, a response from the United States and its allies in case of invasion of Ukraine by Russia

On the left, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, in Riga (Latvia) in October 2019; on the right, US President Joe Biden, in Rehoboth Beach (Delaware), in June 2021. GINTS IVUSKANS, JIM WATSON / AFP The year 2002 has barely started but Joe Biden intends not to let go in the Ukrainian case. The American president once … Read more

United States warns European allies: Russia may be planning an invasion of Ukraine

The United States guarantees that it has new information about the placement of Russian troops on the borders between Russia and Ukraine – and, according to “Bloomberg”, it is enough for some emissaries of President Joe Biden’s administration to have decided to alert allies in Europe to the risk of a new Russian incursion into … Read more

Secret Invasion: According To Samuel L. Jackson, The Filming Of The Next Marvel Series Has Already Begun – Geek Culture

Iconic actor Samuel L. Jackson confirmed that they have already started filming the Marvel series Secret Invasion. Read all the info Here! One of the upcoming series of Marvel for Disney Plus it is Secret Invasion, which will focus a bit on the character of Samuel L. Jackson. After much waiting, the actor confirmed that … Read more

Invasion in the airspace: China flies with 39 fighter jets over Taiwan – Politics abroad

Tensions between China and Taiwan are noticeably increasing. The People’s Republic sees the island state as part of its national territory that needs to be retaken. And with all his might! The Chinese Air Force re-entered Taiwan’s airspace on Saturday with fighter planes. The Taiwanese Defense Ministry said that 20 Chinese fighter jets first appeared … Read more

OL: a dreaded land invasion, the Greens bring out the heavy artillery!

Zapping But! Football Club LOSC, OL, Monaco, OM: Top 10 sales from L1 to the Premier League The derbies between ASSE and OL are always electric. According to L’Équipe, the 123rd of the name (8:45 pm) could be even more than the others and the Greens have prepared themselves accordingly. Responsible for security inside the … Read more

Emilia Clarke Confirms Her Role In Secret Invasion And Thinks Marvel Is Watching Her

MADRID, July 23 (CulturaOcio) – Emilia Clarke has confirmed its participation in Secret Invasion, serie de Marvel Studios for Disney +. Despite having revealed that it will be in fiction, the interpreter has assured to be “scared” by the security measures and secrecy of the study and has not given details about his character. “I’m … Read more

Invasion d’insectes, déferlement de rochers, frénésie régressive : notre sélection cinéma

Image tirée du film “Les racines du monde”, de Byambasuren Davaa. MOUVEMENT QUOTIDIEN LISTE DU MATIN Cette semaine, le cinéma investit tous les genres (fantastique, comédie, drame, documentaire), s’embarque ici et ailleurs (Irlande, Mongolie, Sahara…), s’amuse avec la société et la famille, se prend au sérieux. l’adolescence et ses doutes, filme la guerre, fait écho … Read more