Mikha Tambayong’s Unique Story Involved in a Love Triangle : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Mikha Tambayong has a new project in the film Langit Kala Senja. In the film titled Langit Kala Senja tells about a complicated love triangle relationship. Starring Refal Hadi, Omar Daniel, Mikha Tambayong and Hana Malasan. Mikha Tambayong, who plays the character Senja, admitted that the character he played did not suit him. … Read more

Jackie Kennedy Would Have Revenge On JFK’s Infidelities: William Holden Was Involved

The multiple infidelities of John F. Kennedy have been widely publicized, but despite the modest appearance of his wife Jackie Kennedy, she would have had affairs with at least two men during their marriage. The love life of former President John F. Kennedy drew a lot of attention even before his tragic death, especially for … Read more

Biography and Religion of Cupi Cupita, Sexy Swordsman Who Was Involved in the Fun Video Case : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Biodata and religion Cupi Cupita become one of the things that the public wants to know. This dancer whose real name is Cupi Warsita adheres to Islam and was born in Bandung, West Java, 28 years ago. Cupi started his career as a dangdut singer under TX Management, in 2015. The public then … Read more

Mercato: Newcastle, Inter … OM involved in a sensational project with Saudi Arabia?

Foot – Market – OM Posted on October 7, 2021 at 10:30 p.m. by AM updated on October 7, 2021 at 10:31 p.m. After long months of waiting, Newcastle was bought by the Saudi Arabia Sovereign Fund (PIF). And the OM, whose name is also circulating for a sale, could well be indirectly concerned. Despite … Read more

Dear Netizens, This is the Reason Benny Simanjuntak Involved in Jonathan Frizzy’s Household : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Benny Simanjuntak It is known that he often voices his voice regarding the household problems of his nephews, Jonathan Frizzy and Dhena Devanka. But not a few netizens criticized his action because it was considered too meddling. It turns out Benny Simanjuntak He has his own reasons why he always interferes and defends his … Read more

BVZ Talent 2021 – Two talents from the Mattersburg district are involved

BVZ Talent 2021 – Two talents from the Mattersburg district are involved – BVZ.at Check the Internet Explorer settings (deactivate compatibility mode) or please download a free modern browser from the Internet.In the interest of your own safety and for a better internet experience: BVZ.at uses cookies to provide you with regionalized content and the … Read more

Otte-Kinast: Pig price crisis challenges everyone involved | NDR.de – news

Status: 06.09.2021 4:39 p.m. At a digital crisis summit on the drop in pork prices, Lower Saxony’s agriculture minister called all actors together. Swine fever and Corona are affecting the industry. “Everyone must do their part to overcome the crisis,” said Minister Barbara Otte-Kinast (CDU) on Monday. She expects a clear commitment to German production … Read more

Past Revealed, Ayu Thalia Ever Involved in Prostitution and Performing Surgery? : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Reported cases of abuse Ayu Thalia | over Nicholas Sean is now getting wider. Although denied, but not a few who accuse the influence just want social assistance through the case. Not only that, Ayu’s past was also dug up by netizens, one of them by the Twitter account @xvidgmbk. The owner of … Read more