Norov vyetuj stelbu v gay baru jako terorismus. Oslo ru pochod hrdosti

Stelba se odehrla kolem jedn hodiny rann mstnho asu (1:00 SEL) na tech mstech v bezprostedn blzkosti, a to u podniku London Pub, jazzovho klubu Herr Nilsen a stnku s rychlm oberstvenm. Policie dostala prvn upozornn 14 minut po jedn hodin. Podezel byl zadren pt minut na to. editel norsk zpravodajsk agentury Robert Berg tok … Read more

Iran: Mullah regime can build nuclear bomb in a few weeks

For decades, the Islamist terror regime in Iran has been striving for the atomic bomb … Now the mullahs are almost there. Because the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is certain: According to the agency, the regime has enriched enough uranium “in a few weeks” to produce a nuclear weapon. “That will happen,” said IAEA … Read more

Iran seizes two Greek tankers in Gulf waters

The Liberian-flagged tanker ‘Ice Energy’ transfers crude oil from the Iranian tanker ‘Lana’ (formerly ‘Pegas’) off Karystos on Greece’s Evia island on May 29, 2022. ANGELOS TZORTZINIS / AFP Tension is rising again in Gulf waters. On Friday May 27, after a helicopter operation carried out by the naval forces of the Revolutionary Guards, the … Read more

In the great Caspian gas game, Iran, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan get along

Turkmenistan President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov participates in the opening ceremony of the East-West gas pipeline at the Belek compressor station, some 500 km northwest of Ashgabat, on December 23, 2015. IGOR SASIN / AFP The Caspian Sea gas “big game” is the scene of an astonishing reconfiguration. The American company Trans Caspian Resources (TCRI), created in … Read more

SpaceX Starship faces MORE delays, Booster Scrapped, CRS-24, Iran Failure & 2022 Spaceflight Preview | SpaceX News – Oakland News Now

Oakland News Now – SpaceX Starship faces MORE delays, Booster Scrapped, CRS-24, Iran Failure & 2022 Spaceflight Preview – video made by the YouTube channel with the logo in the video’s upper left hand corner. is the original blog post for this type of video-blog content. Starship’s orbital launch attempt has been hit by … Read more

Iran announces rocket launch amid nuclear talks

A photo released by the Iranian Defense Ministry on Dec. 30, 2021 of the Simorgh satellite rocket lift off, when it was launched at an undisclosed location in Iran. – / AFP The United States say “Concerned” by this advance. Iran said Thursday, December 30, to have launched into space a rocket carrying three space … Read more

Nuclear Negotiations: Israel’s Plan B If Iran Don’t Negotiate

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Pessimism mounts over Iran nuclear deal

Rafael Grossi, the director of the International Atomic Energy Agency, during an interview with Secretary of State Antony Blinken on October 18, 2001 in Washington. MANDEL NGAN / AP Seasoned diplomat, Rafael Grossi has plenty to ask questions. The director of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) can no longer reach Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein … Read more