Irving on Not Getting Vaccinated: It’s Best for Me | Basketball 123

Kyrie Irving is the star point guard of the Brooklyn Nets and makes up the ‘Big 3’ of the New York team from which great things are expected soon. However, the player stated that it is not to his liking to lose his salary or to be separated from the team in the championship due … Read more

Mercato NBA, i Brooklyn Nets ritirano l’estensione da 187 milioni a Kyrie Irving

All’inizio di agosto, in una conferenza stampa per annunciare l’estensione di contratto di Kevin Durant con i Brooklyn Nets, il General Manager della squadra Sean Marks si era detto molto fiducioso che sia James Harden che Kyrie Irving avrebbero firmato le loro estensioni prima dell’inizio del training camp, assicurandosi i “Big Three” per i prossimi … Read more

Breakthrough in Brooklyn: Kyrie Irving removed from the group! | NBA

Steve Nash had said Monday night that no imminent decision was in the pipeline regarding Kyrie Irving, but he was bluffing! The Nets have just announced that the All-Star point guard is no longer allowed to train or play with his teammates until he can participate “fully”. Clearly, as long as Kyrie Irving is not … Read more