Biodata and Religion of 4 Children Lydia Kandou and Jamal Mirdad, Number 3 Upset to Convert to Islam : Okezone Celebrity

ALTHOUGH now Lydia and Jamal have divorced and live their own lives, but their children have witnessed the sweetness of their second household. The biodata and religion of their 4 children also stole the attention. Since getting married in 1984, Lydia and Jamal have been blessed with 4 children. So what is the profile of … Read more

How Hope Mars mission put the Arab world back in the space exploration game

DUBAI: One small step for the UAE came as a giant leap for the Arab world last February when the UAE became the first Middle East nation to mount a successful unmanned mission to Mars. According to one NASA scientist, the region has shown that it has immense potential in space exploration. The UAE probe, … Read more

Cologne allows the call of the muezzin: Debate on religious freedom

Dhe weather is bad on this Tuesday in Cologne, it rains almost continuously. Only a few people walk through Keupstrasse under umbrellas or with their heads pulled low between their shoulders. Past fragrant delicatessen shops, jewelers, restaurants or kiosks. The owners are called Usta, Özdag or Meral. A sign hangs on a house above the … Read more

Right-wing populist Eric Zemmour wants presidential job: France’s Trump moment

The president will be elected in France in six months. A possible applicant now positions himself in countless interviews, spreads his extreme theses – and wins approval. “Your opponent says you want to chase all Muslims out of the country. What do you answer?” Asks the moderator Eric Zemmour. The thin man with thinning hair … Read more

quello che nessuno osa dire – Libero Quotidiano

Nicola Molteni 16 ottobre 2021 La democrazia inglese è ancora sotto attacco, con la barbara uccisione, ieri, del deputato del Partito Conservatore, David Amess, pugnalato mentre incontrava i cittadini del suo collegio elettorale. La polizia ha arrestato un uomo di 25 anni, che secondo The Independent e il Daily Mail è un somalo, pare senza … Read more

converted to Islam and radicalized, the suspect will undergo a psychiatric examination

Flowers and candles at the scene of the attack, in memory of the victims, in Kongsberg (Norway) on October 14, 2021. TERJE BENDIKSBY / AP Over the revelations, Thursday, October 14, the profile of the alleged perpetrator of the attack which left five dead and three wounded the day before in Kongsberg, a town of … Read more

Cologne: Criticism of Henriette Reker: “Of all people, a woman allows the muezzin call!” – Domestic politics

In Cologne the Call of the muezzin echo through the city. There is strong criticism of Mayor Henriette Reker (64, independent). Reker took the step at the weekend as a “sign of respect” celebrated. Critics immediately waddled her off: “Anyone who doubts that, questions Cologne’s identity and our peaceful coexistence.” She also compared the muezzin … Read more

Still Islam Despite Divorce, These 6 Artists Prove Converts Not Because of Couples : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– A number of artist choose to leave his old religion and convert to Islam following his partner. But not a few of them whose relationship did not go smoothly and divorced. But even though divorced, some artist continue to embrace Islam. They seem to prove that switching beliefs is not just because of a … Read more

Immigration, Islam, environment… Between Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Eric Zemmour, a debate without surprise

Before the debate Jean-Luc Mélenchon-Eric Zemmour on BFM-TV, in Paris, September 23, 2021. CYRIL BITTON / DIVERGENCE FOR “THE WORLD” One has been a candidate for almost a year, the other is still in suspense. Seven months before the presidential election, the debate between Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Eric Zemmour, Thursday, September 23, on BFM-TV, was … Read more

Out of Islam, Saif Ali Khan Claims to be Agnostic: Okezone Celebrity

MUMBAI – Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan made surprising statements about his religion. To Press Trust of India (PTI), he openly admitted that he had left Islam. He explained that nowadays it is more comfortable not to adhere to certain beliefs or to be agnostic. “I’m very secular and think too much religion worries me,” … Read more