Flowers from Jakarta Eliminated from the 2021 KDI Contest : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Representative from Jakarta, Bunga must be eliminated from the 2021 KDI stage, after getting the lowest vote in the top 5 of the KDI Contest which took place on Monday night (17/1). Bunga said she was grateful to be able to go all the way to the top 5 of KDI and thanked everyone … Read more

Present at Global Radio Jakarta, Oliver Tree Tells the Meaning of His Iconic Purple Jacket: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Singer from California USA, Oliver Tree told the facts behind his iconic purple jacket during an interview on the morning program 88.4 FM Global Radio Jakarta, namely SPADA (Morning Broadcast of Aji Sabha And Aisha Lahtiba) last Monday (22/11/2021). Oliver Tree told me that the purple jacket he often wore belonged to his … Read more

Friends Claims Have New Facts About Rachel Vennya’s Return to Jakarta : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Rachel Vennya’s best friend, Vicky Alaydrus, uploaded a photo proof of the celebgram’s electronic ticket from the United States to Jakarta. In his upload on Instagram Story, it can be seen that the lover of Salim Nauderer flew on a Japan Airlines plane on September 16, 2021. On the electronic ticket, it was … Read more

Reasons Jerinx SID Cancels Inspection in Jakarta Today : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Musician Jerinx SID unable to fulfill the summons for an inspection at Polda Metro Jaya which was supposed to be scheduled for today (26/7/2021). He must be examined on Adam Deni’s report. “I would like to provide information regarding the police report made by Mr. AD at Polda Metro Jaya some time ago. … Read more