The Japanese Epsilon rocket launched 9 light satellites into orbit

The successful launch of the Epsilon rocket was carried out on the initiative of the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), which undertook the launch of 9 light demonstration satellites, including a device designed to test the method of removing space debris. The rocket launch took place on October 8 at 9:55 Japanese time (JST – … Read more

Face to face with Mercury. The BepiColombo probe en route past its target

The photo was taken with one of the Mercury Transfer Module’s overview cameras – when the spacecraft was approximately 2,418 kilometers from Mercury. The probe had passed the planet only 199 km away not long before. The region shown is part of Mercury’s northern hemisphere, including the volcanic plain of Sihtu Planitia. Also visible is … Read more

Helpful Venus. Successful gravity assists on two research missions

The considered flights were on August 9 and 10, respectively. – only 33 hours apart. First, the Solar Orbiter mission was at the closest point on its trajectory to the second planet of the solar system, already making the second of its tight passages around Venus (the first took place in December 2020). This probe … Read more