Pregnant, Jessica Iskandar Hopes To Have Another Boy : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Artist Jessica Iskandar is currently pregnant with her second child. Recently, Vincent Verhaag’s wife announced that she and her husband were expecting a baby. Apparently, in this second pregnancy, Jessica has a desire to have a son again. This is known from posts on social media Instagram. Also Read: Jessica Iskandar Called Pregnant … Read more

Jessica Iskandar Pregnant, 3 Intimate Photos of Vincent Verhaag This New Bride Makes You Baper! : Okezone Celebrity

JESSICA Iskandar announced the pregnancy of his second child with Vincent Verhaag. The couple, who just got married on October 22, 2021, is of course incredibly happy. Her marriage to Vincent Verhaag became the moment she and El Barack had been waiting for in their lives. Moreover, the presence of the fruit of their love, … Read more

GFVip, the princesses Lulu and Clarissa in dispute: Jessica forced to intervene

Al Big Brother Vip the quarrel also breaks out between princesses Selassie, sisters Lulu and Clarissa. The discussion was so heated that Jessica was forced to speak. It all started because Clarissa scolded Lulu: “You have to grow up. Stop complaining about nothing! “ Read also> Fedez, take the field? Possible candidacy in the elections: … Read more

NASA astronaut Jessica Meir speaks to young women

PHOENIX – More than 50 young women recently had the opportunity to learn from and ask questions of NASA astronaut Jessica Meir during a virtual event held by the industry group Transportation YOU. Meir was chosen to be an astronaut in 2013 and received physiological training, survival training, flight classes and a wide range of … Read more

Scenes From Married Life: Oscar Isaac And Jessica Chastain Inseparable On OCS

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Jessica Iskandar Reveals Reasons for Marrying Vincent Verhaag : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Jessica Iskandar finally officially bears the status of wife, after accepting the proposal of Vincent Verhaag. The second marriage blessing procession was held at AYANA Midplaza, Jakarta, on October 22, 2021. Although her love experience had made the mother of one child not believe in love, Jessica was finally convinced to build a … Read more

Happy News, Jessica Iskandar and Vincent Verhaag Married This Afternoon : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Good news comes from artist Jessica Iskandar. Precisely in the afternoon, at around 15.00 WIB, he and his fiancé, Vincent Verhaag will get married. The news was shared directly by El Barack Alexander’s mother on her personal Instagram account. He even had time to include a link so that people can watch the … Read more

3 Evidence of Jessica Iskandar Bucin to Vincent Verhaag : Okezone Celebrity

JESSICA Iskandar never stops expressing his affection for his lover, Vincent Verhaag. He even admitted that he was indeed bucin, namely a woman who always loves someone with all her heart. “When you’re crazy, sometimes when you love someone, I really love them completely, so if you love me, you love, if you love you, … Read more

Showing off photos, Jessica Iskandar still keeps the wedding date a secret : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Jessica Iskandar and Vincent Verhaag seems to be coming up the aisle in the near future. It was known, after the actress Dealova The woman uploaded a photo with a red background with her lover on Instagram. The passport photo is generally used by prospective married couples to take care of their marriage … Read more

Tajir Twisted, These are Rows of Wealth Sources for Jessica Iskandar’s Prospective Husband: Okezone Celebrity

VINCENT Verhaag is now Jessica Iskandar’s future husband. Yes, after failing to get married, Jessica Iskandar also tried to knit her love back. Both are ready to anchor their love to the level of marriage. It didn’t take long for Vincent to immediately propose to the mother of one child. With his status as Jessica’s … Read more