NASA’s Mar Perseverance Rover reveals details about past Water at Jezero Crater

A Lake of Changing Depths Early in the history of the Jezero Crater’s former lake, its levels are thought to have been high enough to crest the crater’s eastern rim, where orbital imagery shows the remains of an outflow river channel. The new paper adds to this thinking, describing the size of Jezero’s lake fluctuating … Read more

NASA Perseverance Rover Says Jezero Crater Experienced Flooding Events

Several earlier studies showed that Mars had a robust water system on its surface despite being arid and barren at present. About 3 billion years ago, Mars was thought to be as fertile as Earth. Photos brought back by NASA’s Perseverance Rover have shown evidence of a flooded Jezero crater on the Red Planet. The … Read more

First images from latest Mars rover show ancient river delta in Jezero crater | Imperial News

The NASA Perseverance rover, which landed on Mars in February, has sent back its first images of a 3.7-billion-year-old ancient river delta. The images reveal that the watery life cycle of the now dried-out lake at Jezero Crater – the site of Perseverance’s touchdown – is more intriguing and complicated than originally thought. The pictures … Read more

Images indicate that Jezero crater on Mars was once a tranquil lake

JN/Agencies Yesterday at 7:20 pm Jezero crater on Mars, now a dry and windy depression, was a tranquil lake 3.7 billion years ago, indicates the first scientific analysis of images taken by NASA’s Perseverance robotic vehicle. Analysis of the images, published today in the scientific journal Science, shows that there are signs in the crater … Read more

NASA Ingenuity Helicopter On Mars Takes 3D Image Of Rock At Jezero Crater

NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter provided a 3D view of a small rock-covered mound during its 13th Mars flight on September 4, 2021. The plan for this reconnaissance mission in the region known as the South Séitah on Jezero Crater on Mars was to capture images of this geological target, known as Faillefeu, named after a medieval … Read more

“Once Under 100 Meters of Water” –JPL’s Perseverance Mars Report: Heading South to Explore Jezero Crater’s Lake Bed

On June 1, says the JPL, NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover kicked off the science phase of its mission by leaving the “Octavia E. Butler” landing site. Until recently, the rover has been undergoing systems tests, or commissioning, and supporting the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter’s month of flight tests. Jezero Crater Prelude –The Flyover The Jezero crater … Read more