the most famous russian tank makes its combat debut in Ukraine

Russia mobilized the famous BMPT tanks. Known as the “Terminator”, it is a support vehicle with an allegedly far more advanced defensive and offensive capability, never tested in combat before. The UK Ministry of Defense (MoD) has identified the city of Severodonetsk, in eastern Ukraine’s Lugansk region, as “an immediate tactical priority” for Russia. To … Read more

10 dead in US massacre broadcast live

JN / Agencies Yesterday at 22:03 Several people were killed this Saturday in a supermarket in Buffalo, New York state, United States. The shooting suspect broadcast the massacre live on the Internet. At least ten people were shot dead this Saturday at the Tops supermarket in Buffalo, New York. Images circulating on social media show … Read more

The SMS to Socrates that fell on deaf ears

Pedro Araújo Yesterday at 21:56 Teixeira dos Santos, former finance minister, went down in history for having precipitated the request for foreign aid in 2011 by publicly reporting the country’s true financial situation. In a book that will be released this month, he says that the prime minister cut ties with him, but was forced … Read more

Catarina dos Santos is the first Portuguese deputy in the German parliament

JN/agencies Today at 08:56 Catarina dos Santos is the first Portuguese-German deputy to join the Bundestag (German parliament), and, at 27 years old, the youngest to be elected by the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in this legislature. “It’s a great honor,” said Catarina dos Santos to Lusa news agency. Born in Lisbon, in 1994, she … Read more

There is no pandemic that crashes luxury cars

Diogo Ferreira Nunes (DV/JN) today at 10:12 Sales of cars worth more than 100,000 euros continue to increase. Diesel vehicles are only worth 20% of new registrations. They cost more than 100,000 euros and seem immune to the semiconductor crisis. Luxury car sales increased last year compared to 2020 and were even higher than the … Read more

Sara Career’s mother in tears hugging Tony and Ivo Lucas

Rui Pedro Pereira Today at 18:57 The television didn’t show it, but at the end of the Sara Carreira Association gala, Fernanda Antunes took the stage to thank each of the artists in dozens of hugs. SIC’s live broadcast from the Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB), in Lisbon, had ended minutes ago when, after a … Read more

Popular rescue gesture saves woman victim of violence in Spain

Maria Campos Yesterday at 5:08 pm Spanish police were alerted on Tuesday to an alleged situation of gender-based violence after a woman made a hand gesture for help. Signal was created at the beginning of the first confinements Foto: Canadian Women’s Foundation When stopping a car at an alcohol and drug control in Cáceres, Guardia Civil … Read more

FC Porto and Sporting accounts for qualification in the Champions League

JN/Agencies Today at 10:40 am Dragons and lions enter the field this Wednesday and, in the best of scenarios, can guarantee qualification for the round of 16 of the Champions League. Fire tests with Liverpool and Dortmund. FC Porto and Sporting seek, this Wednesday, to secure a place in the round of 16 of the … Read more

EU announces sanctions on Minsk and asks not to let migrants freeze to death

JN/Agencies Yesterday at 19:00 The head of the European Union (EU) diplomacy warned that the borders of the community space “are not open unlimitedly” across Belarus, announcing new sanctions on Minsk to punish the migratory pressure of the Lukashenko regime. “The borders of the European Union are not open in an unlimited way. Entry into … Read more

found mysterious corpse dozens of years old in Italy

Maria Campos Today at 15:20 Human remains were found on Tuesday night in a remote cave on Etna, Europe’s tallest active volcano. The discovery was made by a Catania financial police officer and his alpine rescue dog during training in the area. Police say the remains belong to a man who has not yet been … Read more