Now Empty Job, Ian Kasela Feels Tired Of His Own Talk: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Vocalist for the band Radja, Ian Kasela recently reappeared after a long time not heard from. To Gofar Hilman, he told a bitter story he had experienced. He even admitted that one of the factors behind the vacuum of the band Radja was also influenced by his own words. At that time, Ian felt … Read more

Teleworking from abroad is now a luxury and ultimately a risk of job relocation

The health crisis has proven it: remote work works. Teleworking has even become an argument for attracting recruiters. ” In a job interview, one in two candidates asks to be permanently teleworked », Explains Jonathan Astruc, co-founder of Digitevent, a software publisher for event organizers, which employs 25 people in France. In his company, three … Read more

“Social networks are not a ‘hobby’, they are a job”

“There are people who say: ‘that’s easy, I just pick up a phone and record it.’ When there is an immense team of professionals behind ”, he says Carolina Romo, known as ‘La Tóxica’ in social networks. The ‘influence‘ more than 120 million views In all her videos, she established herself as one of the … Read more

Tiago Splitter is a cigar aficionado: “Second job” – GQ

+ Tiago Splitter with one of his cigars (Photo: Reproduction: Instagram @mxscigars) off the court, Tiago Splitter is a guy in love with cigars. “I started smoking at the end of my career [como jogador]. Today, I have brands in the US, and also a factory in Nicaragua,” he tells GQ Sport Club. Direct from … Read more

United States: Companies redo schedules to retain employees: no more work nights or weekends | WORLD

After experiencing difficulties hiring employees for his store in Dallas, Balsam Hill finally opened on September 1. But the next day, the Christmas tree company had to close again when four of its five employees resigned. The reason for their discontent: They had to work weekends. They left and found work in another company with … Read more

Right-wing populist Eric Zemmour wants presidential job: France’s Trump moment

The president will be elected in France in six months. A possible applicant now positions himself in countless interviews, spreads his extreme theses – and wins approval. “Your opponent says you want to chase all Muslims out of the country. What do you answer?” Asks the moderator Eric Zemmour. The thin man with thinning hair … Read more

Lonely Job, Marion Jola Crying to Stress : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA Marion Jola apparently also feels the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in business matters. The 21-year-old singer bluntly admits that she has had no job in the last few months. The singer, who is familiarly called Lala, admitted that she never got a gig schedule for 3 months. Because of that, Lala was forced … Read more

VW boss Herbert Diess brings drastic job cuts into play

Volkswagen is facing a profound restructuring. Now VW boss Diess has apparently presented several scenarios according to which up to 30,000 jobs could be lost. The automotive industry is facing a profound change – away from the combustion engine and towards electromobility. What that at Volkswagen That is, according to a report, CEO Herbert Diess … Read more

They report that the artist who died during an opera at the Bolshoi Theater was “tired” of his job and wanted to resign

Published: 11 oct 2021 14:11 GMT The artist died in the middle of the opera ‘Sadkó’ by the Russian composer Nikolai Rimski-Kórsakov, after a part of the set fell on him. Evgueni Kulésh, the artist who died on October 9 after being crushed by part of the set during an opera at the Bolshoi theater … Read more