Supreme Court: „Tragischer Fehler“, sagt Biden – „Entscheidung Gottes“, sagt Trump

US-Präsident Joe Biden hat das Abtreibungsurteil des Obersten Gerichtshofs der USA als „tragischen Fehler“ bezeichnet. Die Entscheidung gehe auf eine „extreme Ideologie“ zurück und habe den Frauen in den USA ein verfassungsmäßiges Recht „weggenommen“, sagte Biden am Freitag in Washington. Das Gericht habe damit etwas getan, „was es noch nie zuvor getan hat“. „Die Gesundheit … Read more

elon musk: Democrats attacking me and sidelining Tesla, SpaceX: Elon Musk

San Francisco: Elon Musk on Tuesday once again criticised US President Joe Biden, saying that he will vote for the Republican Party in midterm elections in November as Democrats are attacking him and his companies from all sides. Earlier this month, he publicly revealed for the first time on Twitter that he will now vote … Read more

Space race needs better cybersecurity

Things are heating up in space in more ways than one. Recently, Russia conducted an anti-satellite (ASAT) test and launched a missile at one of its old spy satellites. The explosion hurtled debris through space, forcing the crew of the International Space Station to take shelter in a spacecraft for protection. ASAT tests are a … Read more

Tornados in den USA – 64 Tote allein in Kentucky

Verheerende Tornados haben in mehreren US-Bundesstaaten viele Opfer gefordert und große Schäden angerichtet. Im besonders betroffenen Kentucky werden noch mehr als 100 Menschen vermisst. Foto-Serie mit 19 Bildern Mehr als 60 Menschen sind bei den verheerenden Tornados in den USA allein im besonders schwer betroffenen Bundesstaat Kentucky ums Leben gekommen. Mit Stand Montagmorgen (Ortszeit) liege … Read more

Russia plans military offensive against Ukraine in early 2022, according to the United States | Joe Biden | Vladimir Putin | WORLD

The intelligence services of USA have determined that Russia is planning a possible military offensive against Ukraine It could start in early 2022 and would include some 175,000 troops, according to a US official. SIGHT: Ukraine says Russia accumulates 94,000 troops on border and fears “major escalation” The new finding calculates that half of the … Read more

Thanksgiving Day | Thanksgiving 2021: what is the origin of the most important celebration in the United States | Black Friday | WORLD

Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving, which is celebrated this Thursday, is the quintessential American family holiday; a celebration that, beyond the sumptuous dinner presided over by a large baked turkey with which everyone identifies it, has evolved over the centuries mixing tradition, politics, myth and sport. LOOK: Thanksgiving Day: 8 keys to understanding why it is the … Read more

Thanksgiving Day | Thanksgiving Day: 8 keys to understanding the most important holiday in the United States | Black Friday | WORLD

The party of Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving, which is held next Thursday, is one of the most important on the calendar of USA, and although it has not been replicated in the rest of the world, some of its details, such as Black Friday, have already crossed its borders. SIGHT: Macy’s Traditional Thanksgiving Day Parade Returns … Read more

Exzpasnk dostal 41 msc vzen za tok na policisty u americkho Kapitolu

tyiatyicetilet Fairlamb je bvalm bojovnkem v discipln smench bojovch umn (MMA) a majitelem posilovny ve sttu New Jersey. Byl jednm z prvnch vtrnk, kte se dostali do Kapitolu, kdy dav rozbil okna budovy a prolomil jedny z dve. Podle prokuratury obtoval nastoupen policisty, val jim do oblieje a snail se jim zabrnit v prchodu davem. … Read more

Behind their hand they fear the worst

The submarine dispute overshadows the UN General Assembly in New York. France breaks a meeting. In the EU, doubts about Joe Biden’s reliability are growing and diplomats are concerned. When US President Joe Biden is in town, it means one thing above all for New Yorkers: chaos. There are police officers on every street corner, … Read more

US Immigration Rules: The Curious Ending of Trump’s Ordinance 9993

Mor more than 540 days was a prescription9993 in force. And it caused a lot of dramas. British tennis player Emma Raducanu made it to the final of the US Open, but her parents were not allowed to watch. British actress Megan Prescott was initially unable to visit her sister, who was hit by a … Read more