Public Prosecutor Demands Gaga Muhammad to be Imprisoned for 4.5 Years, Marshel Widianto: Hopefully the Judge’s Decision Can Stay Like That : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Comic Marshall Widianto participated in responding to Gaga Muhammad who was required to be sentenced to 4 years and 6 months in prison and a fine of Rp. 10 million. He also thanked the prosecutor because the demands were close to the sentence they should have been. “Mr. Prosecutor is kind and also the … Read more

″Populist and with political faction.″ PSD contests criticism from the Association of Judges

© Diana Quintela/Global Images (archive) ForJosé Milheiro and Rui Oliveira Costa December 31, 2021 • 19:03 The PSD did not like the words used by the president of the Association of Judges, Manuel Soares, about the reform that the party wants to carry out in court. Deputy Mónica Quintela accuses the judge of “populism” and … Read more

It’s both AI technology and ethics that will enable JADC2 – Breaking Defense Breaking Defense

Artificial intelligence graphic courtesy of Northrop Grumman. Questions that loom large for the wider application of artificial intelligence (AI) in Defense Department operations often center on trust. How does the operator know if the AI is wrong, that it made a mistake, that it didn’t behave as intended? Answers to questions like that come from … Read more

Montgomery criticizes judges for lifting corona measures

WSenior physician Frank Ulrich Montgomery has sharply criticized Richter for judging corona measures. “I bump into the fact that little judges stand up and, like in Lower Saxony, 2 G in the retail trade because they do not consider it proportionate,” said Montgomery of the newspaper Die Welt, according to an advance notice on Sunday. … Read more

The Voice Senior, Alvaro Vitali’s wife rejected by the judges. And the actor reacts like this

Raid a surprise to The Voice Senior. In the episode of Friday 17 December, he presented himself on the stage of the RaiUno talent Alvaro Vitali, in art ‘Pierino‘. His presence was aimed at accompanying the wife 62enne Stefania Corona. His exhibition with the song I’m Outta Love of Anastacia, had a negative outcome: the … Read more

US space industry ‘tactically strong’ but lacks long-term investment, study finds – Breaking Defense Breaking Defense

WASHINGTON: The space industrial base is “tactically strong” with high levels of capital investment and innovation, but “strategically shallow” in that a lack of funding from US government agencies, including the Defense Department, puts sustainment of the current boom in question, according to a new study sponsored by the Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Unit. “While the … Read more

Space Force launches experimental sats to detect nukes, test laser communications – Breaking Defense Breaking Defense

ULA’s Atlas V 511 prior to launching the Space Test Program-3 mission from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida. (ULA) WASHINGTON: Space Force today launched two experimental satellites carrying payloads designed to detect nuclear explosions, keep tabs on space objects, monitor the weather and experiment with laser communications, in addition to some other classified capabilities. … Read more

When the judges give the president a lesson in law about Sophie Vermeille

Sophie Vermeille, in Paris, November 11, 2018. ED ALCOCK / MYOP / FOR THE WORLD This is a mess for the council of the Paris Bar Association, in the midst of the election of the new president. On Thursday, November 18, the capital’s Court of Appeal disavowed the Paris bar, which had imposed disciplinary sanctions … Read more

Nessie Judge’s Love Story, Accompany Bram Panji from Zero Ends Being Cheated on : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– YouTuber Nessie Judge recently became a public discussion. This is because his relationship with Bram Panji has ended. Not only that, ex-lover Nessie Judge It is suspected that they had an affair when they were still together. Even Bram is also rumored to be married to a woman called his mistress, Sarafina Ghasani who … Read more

An easy fix to Space Force’s most glaring vulnerability – Breaking Defense Breaking Defense

Rendering of a satellite in orbit. (Space X via Pexels) As shown in a recent Breaking Defense exclusive, nation-states are having tense run-ins in space with regularity. But what happens if a rival takes things a step further to knock an American satellite out of orbit? In the op-ed below, Charles Beames, executive chairman of … Read more