Without contact with Kabul, the embassy of Afghanistan in Washington in self-management

WASHINGTON LETTER The pre-Taliban Afghanistan flag in front of the country’s embassy in Washington, August 16, 2021. CHIP SOMODEVILLA / GETTY IMAGES /AFP Poor flag: who will mend it? It floats in the courtyard of the Embassy of Afghanistan in Washington, but cannot hide its tears. Since the Taliban took control of the country in … Read more

Kabul: Several dead and injured in the explosion in front of the mosque

foreign countries Afghanistan Several dead and injured in an explosion in front of a mosque in Kabul Stand: 5:07 p.m. | Reading time: 2 minutes The hospital in Kabul where the victims of the explosion were treated Source: AFP / HOSHANG HASHIMI According to the Taliban, a bomb exploded at the entrance to the Eid … Read more

Mila Macheasy demands Rizky Billar’s apology for Twice Ijab Kabul: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Mila Macheasy demanded an apology from Rizky Billar who held the consent agreement twice with Lesti Kejora. “We hope that Lesti and Billar are relieved to admit or apologize and realize that it was wrong,” Mila said at a recent virtual press conference. Also Read: Don’t Want to Imprison Rizky Billar, What’s the … Read more

“At Kabul airport, there were a thousand dangerous situations”

David Martinon is French Ambassador to Afghanistan. He had to leave the country at the end of August in the wake of the precipitous withdrawal of American troops and the victory of the Taliban. Before leaving, he supervised, from Kabul airport, where his team had taken refuge, the evacuations of French nationals and Afghan civilians. … Read more

US military admits killing ten civilians, including seven children, in latest drone strike in Kabul before withdrawal

General Kenneth McKenzie (on screen), during a press briefing, August 30, 2021. MANUEL BALCE CENETA / AP The US Defense Department admitted on Friday, September 17, that a drone strike in Kabul on August 29 killed ten civilians, including seven children. The Pentagon has so far claimed that the missile, the last known shot by … Read more

the first commercial flight since the Taliban’s return to power has landed in Kabul

The plane of Pakistani airline PIA as it landed at Kabul airport in Afghanistan on September 13, 2021. KARIM SAHIB / AFP As the airline Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) had announced on Saturday, one of their planes landed, Monday, September 13, at Kabul airport. It is the very first international commercial flight since the Taliban … Read more

From Kabul airport: more foreigners flown out of Afghanistan – including Germans

Updated September 11, 2021, 4:32 p.m. People can again be flown out of Afghanistan from Kabul Airport. More than 250 foreigners were able to leave the country, including numerous Germans. Meanwhile, NATO wants to initiate an investigation into the disastrous end of the longstanding military mission. You can find more news about Afghanistan here With … Read more

Pakistan announces first commercial flight between Islamabad and Kabul

Taliban flags at the entrance to Kabul airport, September 11, 2021. KARIM SAHIB / AFP A semblance of normality seems to return to Kabul after the takeover of power by the Taliban. A first commercial flight should connect, Monday, the capital of Pakistan to that of Afghanistan, announced the airline company Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). … Read more