Gala Sky Wins Award, Ruben’s Family Buys Trophy for Mom and Kids Awards 2021 : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– The excitement of the 2021 Mom and Kids Awards (MAKA) event was lively with actions and performances from guest stars. MAKA 2021 this afternoon (10/12) was opened by performances from Tasysa Kamila, Arrasya, Tissa Biani, Thalia, Gihon, Anneth and Betrand Peto Putra Onsu. Performances from other guest stars also enlivened MAKA 2021. Gala Sky, … Read more

“Benefit-Risk Assessment Favors Vaccination” of Children

“The General Directorate of Health received, on December 5, from the Technical Commission on Vaccination against covid-19 (CTVC), the technical position on vaccination” in children from five to 11 years, begins by clarifying the entity in a statement . From this technical position, “which results from international studies and from the consultation of other scientific … Read more

The Best New STEM Education Resources from NASA-JPL in 2021 – Edu News

In 2021, we added nearly 80 STEM education resources to our online catalog of lessons, activities, articles, and videos for educators, students, and families. The resources feature NASA’s latest missions exploring Earth, the Moon, Mars, asteroids, the Solar System and the universe beyond. Here are the 10 resources our audiences visited most this year. NASA’s … Read more

6 Favorite Mama Candidates at the 2021 Mom and Kids Awards, Some Have Unique Cravings! : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTAWaiting for the baby for the first time is something that every mother looks forward to. At the 2021 Mom and Kids Awards, they will give appreciation for the long wait of the mother for her child who will be born soon. MNCTV again held an appreciation event for millennial mothers and children, namely the … Read more

NASA Contest Wants Kids to Design Robot That Digs Moon’s Soil—How to Join Lunabotics Junior

NASA’s contest wants kids to design a new robot that could dig and move the moon’s soil–similar to what the Artemis program of the space agency is currently doing. (Photo : by SAEED KHAN/AFP via Getty Images)The full moon rises over the Bondi Beach in Sydney on September 21, 2021. NASA Contest for Kids to … Read more

Get kids hooked on science, NASA’s Farah Alibay tells Quebec at C2

Breadcrumb Trail Links Technology Space Science Local News Aerospace Scientists are the new rock stars and Quebec would be smart to turn children on to careers in scientific fields. Author of the article: Frédéric Tomesco NASA systems engineer Farah Alibay speaks at C2 Montreal on Wednesday October 20, 2021. Photo by Pierre Obendrauf /Montreal Gazette … Read more

NASA’s IV &V program officials hold Kids Day in the Park

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – NASA’s IV&V held its annual Kids Day in the Park event on Thursday. More than 2,000 kids in West Virginia and across the nation tuned into the virtual event. They were able to learn about robotics, telescopes and aviation. Specialists presented ways to code robotics and talked about airplanes that they work with. “I think that … Read more

Children’s Day! Discover parties, shows and toys made for kids

short Music Non Stop no Facebook In free association, what comes to your mind when you think about electronic music? Full lane? DJ with that very strong bass? People dancing with lollipops in their mouths? Maybe that and more, but few people will connect electronic music with kids. And in this vibe of October 12th, … Read more