Usa, sparatoria in una scuola in Texas: morti almeno 14 studenti e un insegnante. Ucciso il killer: è un ex alunno 18enne

Una strage, un bagno di sangue in una scuola elementare di Uvalde, in Texas. Un ragazzo di 18 anni, Salvador Roma, ex alunno, ha aperto il fuoco uccidendo 15 persone, di cui 14 studenti, tra i quali pare molti bambini, e un insegnante. Si tratta una delle peggiori stragi della storia d’America che riporta alla … Read more

Home cinema insider tip: This highly exciting action thriller with a “Squid Game” star as the killer is still far too unknown – Kino News

A “Squid Game” star switches sides: In the action thriller “Midnight”, spiced up with slasher elements, Wi Ha-joon terrorizes a Seoul neighborhood. Anyone who has missed this highly exciting insider tip can now catch up on it in the home cinema. Busch Media Group +++ Opinion +++ Is it a slasher that turns the idea … Read more

Midnight Silence: the policeman from Squid Game as a serial killer in this nugget of Korean cinema – Actus Ciné

Korean thriller Midnight Silence is out today on DVD. For his first film, the young director Oh-Seung Kwon delivers a thrilling chase in the tradition of The Chaser. For his first feature film, the young Korean filmmaker Kwon Oh-Seung delivers a captivating thriller in the tradition of the excellent The Chaser by Na Hong-jin and … Read more

“A killer wanted to kill me.” The terrible revelation

Icon from the world pop music, Robbie Williams for the first time has revealed a shocking episode of his own vita. At the height of his career he was the target of a killer. “They had me hired per kill myself – Robbie tells the Mirror – but they left thanks to friends. That’s the … Read more

his alleged killer will surrender

This is rather unusual information. On November 17, rapper Young Dolph was shot and murdered outside a cookie store. Another tragic and violent death in the history of the US rap game, which deprives the city of Memphis of one of its most active and generous citizens. A real loss for the inhabitants of the … Read more

Police unveil photo of Young Dolph’s alleged killer

The murder of Young Dolph it was just one of the tragic events that took place in rap in the year just gone. The one from Memphis was riddled with bullets while leaving a popular cookie shop. To make the narrative even sadder, the rapper was addressing a thanksgiving charity meal, in which he had … Read more

The Devil In The White City: Keanu Reeves Soon To Be A Serial Killer In The Martin Scorsese Series?

Actor Keanu Reeves is in talks for a role in the mysterious series by Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese, The Devil in the White City. An actor who debuted in the mid-1980s, Keanu Reeves really rose to prominence by appearing in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and in Point Break – Extreme limit. He subsequently … Read more

Alleged family killer had “completely weird ideas”

RTL>news> December 11, 2021 – 9:23 am Clock Falsified wife’s vaccination certificate Little by little, new details become known about the man who murdered his family in Königs Wusterhausen in the Senzig district. His wife’s employer wanted to investigate an allegedly forged vaccination certificate for the 40-year-old. Questions arose from the submitted document, to which … Read more

Xiaomi 11T: This New Flaship Killer Becomes Cheaper Thanks To This Promo Code

It is not idle at Xiaomi. It’s been a few weeks since the Chinese firm presented the new 11T and 11T Pro to once again confirm the excellent value for money of its devices. Today, these two smartphones are already benefiting from a price reduction thanks to a promo code. The Xiaomi 11T and 11T … Read more

Synopsis The Bond of Love October 19, 2021: Irvan Shocked to Know Elsa, Roy’s Killer and Jessica’s Friend: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- soap operas Love Bond October 19, 2021 featuring Irvan Pratama who met Aldebaran in his office to talk about Andin’s past who had been in prison for 4 years. At the meeting, Al explained that it was Elsa who was actually the perpetrator of Roy’s murder. Hearing that, Irvan He also asked whether Elsa, … Read more