homophobic gaffe after the kiss between Alex Belli and Davide Silvestri

One of the undisputed protagonists of this sixth edition of Gf Vip is Katia Ricciarelli. The soprano between criticism and appreciation remains the true star of the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini. But not everyone likes his attitude, and his comments on events that happen in the house often end up in the eye … Read more

Gf Vip, Delia Duran calls Alex Belli to order (after the kiss with Soleil): “Come back to you”

Finally, Delia Duran pokes her head out of the sand. After weeks in which Alex Belli shows himself, inside the house of the Gf Vip, ever closer to Soleil Sorge, now the wife of the gieffino makes his concern public. And to think that only a few days ago it was Delia herself who told … Read more

Christian Lindner and Franca Lehfeldt: Chance brought them together! – People

Chance played Cupid. FDP boss Christian Lindner (42) and RTL political reporter Franca Lehfeldt (32) got engaged. Very romantic, in the presence of Franca’s parents, her best friend and RTL legend Heiner Bremer (80) and his wife. Bremer and Lehfeldt are doing the podcast “Redezeit” together. On the evening before Franca’s birthday, September 11th, the … Read more

“The people who move a lot under the covers go on”

Ex versus ex? Everything is possible. They confirm it Serena Enardu and Miriana Trevisan, both former of Pago, who clash to the sound of social stories and digs. If during the fourth edition, the entry into the Casa del GF Vip di Serena, with the aim of regaining Pago, generated not a few controversynow Trevisan, … Read more

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Kiss Passionately In The Middle Of Central Park And Everyone Around Goes Crazy With Them

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck kiss passionately in the middle of Central Park and everyone around is going crazy with them. Photo:Splash News. / Grosby Group Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s love affair doesn’t stop. Not only do they do absolutely almost everything together, but they no longer pay attention to their fans, stalkers, and … Read more

The kiss of Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, 25 years after Pretty Woman – Celebs.Cool

Coordinate the agendas of two Hollywood heavyweights as they are Julia Roberts and Richard Gere It should not be an easy task, but not every day is the 25th anniversary of a film that launched them both into the Olympus of the gods of the seventh art. It has been the American television network, NBC, … Read more

“Spider-Man”: The Story You Did Not Know About The Famous Kiss Of Tobey Maguire And Kirsten Dunts

Who has not dreamed of a moment like this ?: The inverted kiss of the Spider-Man with Mary Jane Watson. 19 years have passed and there is no romantic scene that surpasses the clash of the lips in the rain, after a tense moment. But do you know the story behind that memorable kiss? MORE … Read more

Nevertheless Episode 9 Na-Bi refuses to kiss Jae Eon, the audience loves Han So Hee more: Okezone Celebrity

NEVERTHELESS episode 9 the story is getting the attention of the audience. Approaching the end of the story, the events in episode 9 managed to make the audience more curious about the relationship of the characters played by Song Kang and Han So-Hee. Nevertheless, it is a romantic drama adapted from the Webtoon comic of … Read more

Yngwie Malmsteen explains why he didn’t play with Kiss even though it was offered to him and says Ian Gillan (Deep Purple) doesn’t like him

August 11, 2021 12:11 pmPosted by Redacción – Everyone has their own obsessions and in the case of some people, this amount of hobbies and fixations can reach an overwhelming amount. Maybe with the Swedish virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen the latter happens, because he already told us that refused to play with Clive Burr (ex-Iron Maiden) … Read more