From Korea: Netflix hit series “Squid Game” is getting its second season

business From Korea Netflix hit series “Squid Game” is getting its second season Status: 11:00 a.m | Reading time: 2 minutes Actor Oh Young-soo won the Golden Globe for his portrayal of the number one contestant Quelle: pa/YONHAPNEWS AGENCY/Yonhap This is where you will find content from Podigee In order to interact with or display … Read more

North Korea announces possible resumption of nuclear testing

North Korean President Kim Jong-un at a meeting of the Workers’ Party office in Pyongyang on January 19, 2022. KCNA / VIA REUTERS North Korea discussed, Thursday, January 20, a possible resumption of its long-range nuclear and ballistic missile tests, during a meeting of the political bureau under the direction of Kim Jong-un. The Korean … Read more

North Korea made ‘$400m’ in cryptocurrency heists last year • The Register

in letter Thieves operating for the North Korean government made off with almost $400m in digicash last year in a concerted attack to steal and launder as much currency as they could. A report from blockchain biz Chainalysis found that attackers were going after investment houses and currency exchanges in a bid to purloin funds … Read more

Films and series from South Korea: Snappy, merciless – and as topical as never before

Status: 01/13/2022 09:27 a.m. South Korean films and series such as “Squid Game” are currently experiencing a boom. Often they reflect the problems in the country and society – sometimes in a very angry way. By Kathrin Erdmann, ARD Studio Tokyo The author wrote the script for “Squid Game” ten years ago, but it is … Read more

Korea takes one small step for sci-fi, but is it a giant leap for local content?

Actor Bae Doo-na as doctor Song Ji-an, an astrobiologist and ethologist who is sent on a 24-hour mission to the moon to acquire a mysterious sample of “lunar water.” [NETFLIX] After the wave of attention that Netflix Korea’s “Squid Game” brought Korean content, it seemed that the industry could do no wrong. That is, until … Read more

After “Squid Game” the next brutal series from Korea on Netflix – News 2022

In the past year, no series caused such media hype as the Korean Netflix Original Squid Game. Now the next original from South Korea will be released soon, which is really brutal again. In the first two weeks after its release, “Squid Game” broke all Netflix records and became by far the most successful series … Read more

How the hit series reflects the brutal reality of young people in South Korea

Home page Political Created: December 31, 2021, 7:25 pm From: Foreign Policy divide The hit series “Squid Game” from South Korea reflects a landscape of desperation. In the past 20 years, the country had the highest suicide rate among industrialized countries. The Netflix series “Squid Game” was a mega-hit in 2021 – a dystopian and … Read more

The Day Before Christmas, IU Donated IDR 2 Billion for ChildFund Korea : Okezone Celebrity

SEOUL – IU handed over a donation of KRW200 million or the equivalent of Rp2.39 billion to ChildFund Korea, on December 24, 2021. The news was later confirmed by the actress’s agency, EDAM Entertainment. “IU donated KRW100 million (Rp1.19 billion) each for the treatment of cancer patients and children from poor families,” the agency said … Read more

South Korea: “Squid Game” nominated for 3 awards at the Golden Globes

Your registration has been successfully registered!Please click on the link sent by email on Resend Email–squid-game-nominee-pour-3-prix-aux-golden-globes-1053948586.html South Korea: “Squid Game” nominated for 3 awards at the Golden Globes South Korea: “Squid Game” nominated for 3 awards at the Golden Globes South Korean Netflix TV series “Squid Game” was nominated in three categories at the … Read more

After “Squid Game”, the next thriller series from South Korea starts on Netflix today – and is reminiscent of another cult series! – Series news

Christoph Petersen –Editor-in-chief Has seen exactly 700 films in the last year – and enjoyed every minute of them, even if the film wasn’t that good at the moment. A few weeks ago nobody would have thought it possible that the most successful Netflix series by far could have come from South Korea! Now the … Read more