Netflix: After Squid Game, a new Korean series focuses on zombies!

News culture Netflix: After Squid Game, a new Korean series focuses on zombies! Published on 01/04/2022 4:41 PM In recent years, Korean dramas have started to have some success around the world. At the same time, local cinema has become more democratic on the planet, and series are multiplying. Netflix understood this well, and we … Read more

Forget Squid Game, the new South Korean nugget is on Apple TV + and is called Dr. Brain – News Series

Apple TV + launches its very first South Korean series titled Dr. Brain, written, directed and produced by Kim Jee-woon. The filmmaker to whom we owe in particular I met the devil succeeded in his foray into television with this fantastic thriller? WHAT IS IT ABOUT ? A neuroscientist is on the lookout for new … Read more

What Makes South Korean Pop Culture So Successful | Culture | DW

The game world is as colorful as the selection in the chewing gum machine. It is unthinkable that a threat lurks here – until the game starts and suddenly people die, by the hundreds. For the time being, the survivors had sheer horror written on their faces. This does not reveal too much about the … Read more

Squid Game: who will play Berlin in the Korean remake of La Casa de Papel?

Netflix is ​​preparing a Korean adaptation of “La Casa de Papel” and a cult character from “Squid Game” will play Berlin. To the delight of fans, Netflix is ​​preparing a korean remake of The Money Heist. Not long ago, the American platform unveiled the name of the one who will play the role of Berlin. … Read more

New Netflix hit “Hellbound” – After “Squid Game” comes Korean hell trash

– After “Squid Game” comes Korean hell trash In “Hellbound” sinful people are condemned to eternal torment. The series is already more successful than “Squid Game”. Published: 11/26/2021, 2:31 pm Those who sin are taken by the yeti demons: scene from “Hellbound”. Photo: Jake Jung (Netflix) Assuming you piled a few car tires on top … Read more

Squid Game: This actor will play Berlin in the Korean remake of La Casa de Papel

If during the games many iconic characters died in Squid Game, they can come back to life thanks to the magic of the small screen! Indeed, as you know, Netflix has been preparing for more than a year a remake of The Money Heist Korean version. And for good reason, the streaming platform has committed … Read more

Pull and Bear Releases Coolest Year-End Collection Inspired By Korean Series

The undeniable success story of 2021, the Korean series from Netflix Squid Game has not finished inspiring. And to end the year on a high note, Pull and Bear has just unveiled a collection of mixed clothing entirely dedicated to the thrilling drama show. A look ! If in 2021 you haven’t heard of Squid … Read more

After Squid Game, the new Korean series Netflix goes to the moon

News culture After Squid Game, the new Korean series Netflix goes to the moon Published on 12/24/2021 4:05 PM Korean cinema has nothing to prove for a long time, but yet, it is currently experiencing considerable growth: obviously, Netflix has something to do with the phenomenal success of Squid Game. Today we know about the … Read more

Squid Game: Netflix’s strategy to secure the success of its Korean series – news series

Clement Cusseau –Editor After studying film school, Clément Cusseau joined the editorial staff of AlloCiné in 2011. He is currently specialized in streaming content and news on SVOD platforms. A tactic of incitement to viewing was used by Netflix to ensure the success of its “Squid Game” series. What if the global success of Squid … Read more

Here is the new South Korean mystery series from Netflix that will make you forget about The Squid Game completely

Over the months, there are more and more words to talk about The squid game, a series that became the most successful debut in the history of the streaming service Netflix. Its audience record of 142 million views in its first 30 days seems unattainable, but a trend this year is that this brand has … Read more