‘2001: Glimpses In The Dark’: An HBO Max Immersion In Stanley Kubrick’s Masterpiece Surprising For Its Visual Inventiveness

‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ is considered one of the absolute classics of audiovisual science fiction, a reflection of the time that was shot, but also a film that transcended the genre, as the director of ‘The Shining’ or ‘A Clockwork Orange’ did so many times with other pieces of his filmography. Since it was released, … Read more

“Clockwork Orange” turns 50: for actor Malcolm McDowell, Kubrick’s film “was torture” – Current Events

Three years after “2001: Space Odyssey”, Stanley Kubrick’s long-awaited new film “Clockwork Orange” hit theaters. With one of the most famous posters in the history of cinema, New York viewers were the first to see on December 19, 1971 the arrival of Alex DeLarge on the big screen, kicking, assaulting and stealing, tap dancing and … Read more