In the United States, despite a falling unemployment rate, the labor market is struggling

The recovery of the labor market in the United States is made difficult by the pandemic. JOE RAEDLE / AFP Subject to the vagaries of the Covid-19 pandemic, the American labor market is struggling. Only 199,000 jobs were created in December 2021, half less than the 440,000 expected by analysts, the labor department announced on … Read more

The main labor changes in 2022

The changes to telework, approved in parliament in November and which enter into force today, will coexist with the mandatory telework decreed by the Government until January 9, due to the evolution of the covid-19 pandemic. Here are some key points about changes related to the world of work in 2022: Minimum wage rises to … Read more

In France, the labor market is showing astonishing vitality

Job offers on the stand of a temporary work company during an employment forum in Saint-Herblain (Loire-Atlantique). ALAIN LE BOT / PHOTONONSTOP Record job offers, permanent contracts which are increasing faster than fixed-term contracts, employees who change jobs, medium-sized towns which are recreating jobs … Even if the dynamism of the recovery is causing shortages … Read more

Food chain ends up in ‘perfect storm’ for longer period – High energy prices, rising raw material prices and labor shortage put pressure on margins in the food sector

Low gas supplies on the eve of winter are driving higher gas and electricity prices. Once the winter is over, ABN AMRO expects prices to fall, but normalization of prices is not expected to happen until after 2023. ABN AMRO expects a similar pattern for electricity prices. A decline as soon as the winter is … Read more

Despite labor shortages, professional immigration remains complicated

Adam Osman, Chadian by origin, poses in the workshop of the company where he works as a mechanic, in Bonnelles (Yvelines), in August 2018. STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN / AFP It was to be the liberal counterpart of the safe turn. At the end of the parliamentary debate organized in October 2019 on immigration, at the … Read more

For the Director General of the International Labor Organization, “we need a social consensus for the ecological transition to succeed”

Guy Ryder, the director general of the International Labor Organization, in Beijing, in November 2019. FLORENCE LO Guy Ryder is Director General of the International Labor Organization (ILO), a United Nations agency, which brings together representatives of governments, employers and employees from 187 member states. The former British union leader explains at what cost the … Read more

Labor market: These regions are quickly leaving the crisis behind

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