nearly 20% of beds closed in hospitals for lack of staff

A flash survey conducted at the initiative of the Scientific Council at the beginning of October delivers a worrying picture of the situation at the French hospital, as revealed by Liberation. Nearly 20% of beds are closed in CHUs and CHRs due to a staff shortage. The result of the flash survey conducted at the … Read more

Lebanon deprived of electricity due to lack of fuel to power plants

Electric cables in the city of Tire, in southern Lebanon. AZIZ TAHER / REUTERS Lebanon no longer has electricity from its power plants due to fuel shortages which have led it to close its two main production sites, a Lebanese official told Reuters on Saturday (October 9th), adding that he was “Unlikely that he can … Read more

NFL Week 4 preview: The lack of actual stakes in the Brady-Belichick game

1a. The game in which the Patriots play the Buccaneers will be fun! How will Bill Belichick defend a quarterback who—unlike the ex-Patriot QB also-rans he’s picked on in matchups past—he worked with for 20 seasons? Will Brady feel the urge to play hero ball in what could be his only chance to beat Belichick … Read more

NASA adviser blasts lack of congressional action on space traffic dangers

ORLANDO, Fla., Sept. 23 (UPI) – The chair of NASA’s independent safety panel blasted Congress on Thursday for not designating a federal agency to spearhead space traffic management. Chairwoman Patricia Sanders, a former Department of Defense senior executive, said NASA’s Safety and Advisory Panel has called on Congress to increase oversight of growing space traffic … Read more

Subjected to winter storms, seabirds die from lack of food

Flight of a Dwarf Mergule equipped with a GLS system east of Greenland. © DAVID GRÉMILLET Winter can be harsh for seabirds. Each year, under the effect of repeated winter storms in the North Atlantic, they wash up en masse on the beaches of the European and American coasts. Their gaunt carcasses can sometimes number … Read more

In the absence of tourists, Bali monkeys raid houses and fear they will turn violent

Deprived of their preferred food source – the bananas, peanuts and other treats given to them by tourists now absent due to the pandemic, the hungry monkeys from the tourist island of Bali They have resorted to entering the homes of the inhabitants in search of something tasty. Villagers in Sangeh say the long-tailed gray … Read more

“I Was Feeling More Depressed Than Ever”: Reese Witherspoon Talks About The Lack Of Support She Felt In Becoming A Mother

Every day more celebrities share that side of motherhood that is not always seen, helping to normalize issues such as postpartum depression, the challenges of being a working mother or the difficulties that can arise during breastfeeding. The most recent to do so has been the actress Reese Witherspoon, who spoke about how difficult and … Read more

Delta variant, lack of material, China: the 3 problems of location D

business Economy tilts The three problems of location D Status: 7:54 p.m. | Reading time: 4 minutes Terminal in the world’s third largest container port Ningbo-Zhoushan in China: A worker’s Covid infection led to the closure of the Meishan Terminal two weeks ago Source: VIA REUTERS The world economy is more vulnerable than ever. In … Read more