Lady Diana, revealed the hidden nickname of the princess

Lady D, princess of hearts, but not only. In addition to the nicknames known to the public, the Princess had a nickname special with which she used to be called by her staff. To reveal the curious background was Colin Tebbutt, the former driver of Princess Diana, who in the Channel 5 documentary Secrets of … Read more

In This Scene From “A Star Is Born”, Lady Gaga Blew Bradley Cooper

In a discussion between Ridley Scott and Bradley Cooper, the latter remembered a scene in A Star Is Born or Lady Gaga Probably made the strongest impression on her as an actress. Rarely has Lady Gaga lowered the mask so much, and ultimately everything else, to appear as a singer in the making in A … Read more

How And Where To Watch Tony Bennett And Lady Gaga’s MTV Unplugged

If there is one celebrity who knows how to become the center of attention and for good reason, it’s Lady Gaga. The artist has just left Gucci house, where her starring role became one of the favorites of 2021 and many have dared to say that will lead to her winning a few statuettes in … Read more

95-year-old Tony Bennett Gave A Moving Final Concert With Lady Gaga

“Music can sometimes help people with Alzheimer’s,” Lady Gaga said of Tony Bennett 0:49 (CNN) — Tony Bennett won over generations of fans singing “I left my heart in San Francisco.” And on his 95th birthday, the beloved singer left his heart on the Radio City Music Hall stage. Six months after Bennett and his … Read more

UFC-What to choose, the old lady and the GAFA

Par Sevin Rey-Sahin Posted today at 02:25 Reserved for our subscribers InvestigationFounded in 1951, the first consumer association in France has forged, through epic procedures, a reputation as a counter-power. After the telephone operators, it is now scrapping against the giants of the Web. Despite the topicality of her fights, the dean struggles to dust … Read more

“Lady Diana’s ring? It wasn’t supposed to be on Kate’s finger, but on Meghan’s “

The iconic Kate Middleton engagement ring, belonged to Lady Diana, should have been gifted to Meghan Markle. It is known to be a common practice that royal jewels are passed down from generation to generation. But few know that the iconic ring, a 12-karat oval sapphire surrounded by 14 round diamonds set in 18-karat white … Read more

Lady Gaga, flirting with Bradley Cooper? Here’s what he reveals

The success of the film “A star is Born” made fans dream of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga who hoped the couple was real even out of the spotlight. The soundtrack of the film “Shallow“had gotten the best song statuette e those looks of the protagonists in the performance on the stage of the Oscars … Read more

“I have had an abortion twice.” Lady Bonolis distances herself from Signorini

“I have had an abortion twice.” Sonia Bruganelli, lon the shoulder of Alfonso Signorini at Gf Vip returns to talk about the storm that was unleashed against the affirmation of the reality show host who said he was against abortion. «We are against all forms of abortion». Although we still don’t know what Alfonso meant … Read more

Lady Di’s Bodyguard Congratulates Kristen Stewart On Her Performance

Bodyguards of Lady Di congratulate Kristen Stewart for their interpretation. Ken Wharfe ensures that it was the most accurate performance of the princess, after seeing the film “Spencer”. Ken Wharfe, who was Princess Diana’s bodyguard from 1989 to 1993, praised Kristen Stewart’s performance in “Spencer”, biographical film at the hands of director Pablo Larraín. “Of … Read more

Yolanda Del Río: What Has Become Of The First Great Lady Of The Mexican Regional?

Before Paquita la del Barrio or Jenni Rivera, there was a Mexican regional singer who knew how to carry out her career in a macho world, practically alone and obtained a series of recognitions that made her one of the greatest interpreters of her genre between 1971 and 2001, the year in which he began … Read more