“In mathematics, teachers have less time to deliver a larger curriculum”

This column appears in The world of education. If you are subscribed to Monde, you can subscribe to this weekly newsletter by following this link. Students attending a math class at Lycée Michelet in Nice on May 30, 2017. YANN COATSALIOU / AFP The reform of the general high school implemented in 2018 had the … Read more

A Third MANSION By Inés Gómez Mont Comes To Light, It Is Larger Than The One That Belonged To Cher – Calor Noticias

In recent weeks, the television presenter Inés Gómez Mont has been in the eye of the hurricane because she and her husband are being wanted in more than 190 countries after being accused of money laundering. Because of this they have come to light, the expensive luxuries that the presenter from jewelry, shoes, bags of … Read more

should you fall for its larger screen?

Atypical console, unique even, the Switch, from Nintendo, is still not the race for power. Admittedly, a 4K version might be in preparation for next year, but Nintendo formally denies it, because for the moment, its goal is to make you dream with the OLED Switch. Two out of three Where the Switch Lite said … Read more

Public Health France warns of a possible “larger epidemic” this winter

The bronchiolitis epidemic was particularly weak this winter, due to the important respect for barrier gestures. But Santé Publique France fears that the lack of immune training in children will lead to a larger epidemic this year. An epidemic of bronchiolitis, “of greater magnitude than that observed each year is possible next year,” writes Public … Read more

Mysterious Lone Cloud Larger Than The Milky Way Found In Cluster Of Galaxies

An isolated and scientifically mysterious cloud, larger than the Milky Way, was found by a team of researchers at the University of Alabama at Huntsville (UAH) in a veritable “no man’s land” for galaxies. The so-called orphan or solitary cloud is filled with hot gas with temperatures of 10,000-10,000,000 degrees Kelvin (K) and a total … Read more

The Hrady CZ Festival is open to a larger number of visitors, cancels sectors and puts more tickets on sale

The traveling summer cultural festival Hrady CZ is announced in its light version CZ Light Castles, opens to a larger number of visitors and puts more tickets on sale. Due to current government measures, the maximum capacity of the festival is increased to seven thousand people and the need to divide the festival grounds into … Read more