US Navy Actively Deploying Laser Weapons In The Middle-East To Counter Hostile Drone Activity

The US Navy is working on laser weapons in the Middle East to counteract a significant upsurge in Iran’s deployment and use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the region, top Central Command (CENTCOM) naval officer and US Fifth Fleet commander Vice Adm. Bradley Cooper said. “There is a growth in the missile defense force … Read more

Ring Laser Gyroscope Optics Assemblies Market Size 2021 Analysis by Top Companies

New Jersey, United States,- Market Research Intellect has been analyzing technology and markets for Ring Laser Gyroscope Optics Assemblies since 2018. Since then, through Research Analysis of companies, we have been very close to the latest research and market development. In addition, Market Research Intellect works closely with many customers to help them better understand … Read more

Space Force launches experimental sats to detect nukes, test laser communications – Breaking Defense Breaking Defense

ULA’s Atlas V 511 prior to launching the Space Test Program-3 mission from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida. (ULA) WASHINGTON: Space Force today launched two experimental satellites carrying payloads designed to detect nuclear explosions, keep tabs on space objects, monitor the weather and experiment with laser communications, in addition to some other classified capabilities. … Read more

US satellites “attacked daily”. Space Force on the intensification of rivalry with China and Russia

General David Dean Thompson, US Space Force’s deputy head of space operations, spoke to The Washington Post on the occasion of the Halifax International Security Forum conference on November 19-21. in Nova Scotia, Canada. The forum started just four days after the widely commented Russian anti-satellite missile test, which resulted in the crash of the … Read more

Zap! NASA readies a new laser test to speed up space communications

NASA wants to test out a laser again in space to speed up space communications. Following a two-year delay, the Laser Communications Relay Demonstration (LCRD) is ready for launch no earlier than Dec. 4. It will ride to space on a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket aboard the Department of Defense’s Space Test Program … Read more

NASA’s High Bandwidth Laser Communications Relay Demonstration Gears Up for Launch

Illustration of NASA’s Laser Communications Relay Demonstration communicating with the International Space Station over laser links. Credit: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center NASA’s Laser Communications Relay Demonstration (LCRD) is gearing up for launch this fall, no earlier than November 22. The payload arrived in Florida in May, fully integrated into its host spacecraft and ready … Read more

NASA’s Invisible Laser Beams To Be Launched: LCRD Expected To Enhance Space Communication

NASA’s new invisible laser beams are expected to enhance space communication once reaching outer space. The new LCRD (Laser Communications Relay Demonstration) arrived in Florida last May. (Photo : Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)A desktop model of the Juno spacecraft is seen as NASA officials and the public look forward to the Independence Day arrival … Read more

SpaceX worth $ 100 billion, Königsmann becomes supervisory board member at laser company>

SpaceX is not yet publicly listed on the stock exchange – founder and CEO Elon Musk told employees waiting a long time ago that, unlike Tesla, it will probably stay that way. Even so, shares in Musk’s aerospace company are occasionally reissued or traded. News channel CNBC recently learned that SpaceX shares worth a total … Read more

Global Laser Warning System Market Outlook Data Analysis 2021-2027 – Otterbein 360

The Laser Warning System global markets from 2021-2027 were compiled based on in-depth market analysis and input from industry experts. The report covers the market structure and its growth prospects in the next few years. The report also includes discussions of the major suppliers operating in the market. Download Sample Report PDF The Laser … Read more

Determine the size and share of the Laser Weapon Market in 2021 with this research report and industry forecasts through 2027 – Stillwater Current

Global Laser Weapon Market Growth Analysis Amid COVID-19 Impact During the time of the global coronavirus pandemic, the global Laser Weapon market is also found to face financial crisis owing to the financial slowdown. The pandemic has impacted the growth of the Laser Weapon industry on a large scale. After a meticulous study, the research … Read more