The concept of a new Neutron rocket. Rocket Lab specifies the assumptions

Rocket Lab’s CEO, Peter Beck, presented during an occasional videoconference at the beginning of December this year. details of the project assuming the construction of a new missile – a medium-class launch system, Neutron. These are the first details since the company announced plans earlier this year. An online briefing was conducted on December 2 … Read more

Starlink Group 4-1. New delivery of satellites after a long hiatus

Just days after the successful flight of the Crew-3 manned mission, SpaceX carried out another launch of the Falcon 9 rocket. The Starlink Group 4-1 mission delivered 53 more satellites of the emerging super constellation into orbit. The start took place exactly on November 13 at 13:19 Polish time from the SLC-40 platform from the … Read more

The Japanese Epsilon rocket launched 9 light satellites into orbit

The successful launch of the Epsilon rocket was carried out on the initiative of the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), which undertook the launch of 9 light demonstration satellites, including a device designed to test the method of removing space debris. The rocket launch took place on October 8 at 9:55 Japanese time (JST – … Read more

Japanese navigation satellite QZS-1R successfully launched

The Japanese H-IIA space rocket, operated by the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries industrial concern and the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), is considered one of the most reliable launch systems in the world. Recently, it has once again managed to confirm its reliability by launching the new QZS-1R navigation satellite into the outer space. This facility … Read more

China: New COVID-19 Cases Hit Space Readiness

The team preparing the launch of the Kuaizhou 1A rocket was placed in a “semi-lockdown”, it said on Wednesday, October 20. the South China Morning Post. Expace Technology, a subsidiary of the large state-owned China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation, is responsible for the development of this carrier system. The company’s representatives indicated that each … Read more

In a few dozen minutes to the “edge” of the world. The US Space Force is counting on suborbital cargo

The US Space Force has announced the aforementioned competition for offers under the Hyperspace Challenge 2021 program. As the announcement shows, innovative concepts for the use of space capabilities that can be adapted to the needs of the US space forces are being sought. For the next stage (it is to take place on December … Read more

South Korea launches a space operations center. The announcement of your own Space Force?

Open on the last day of September this year. the space operations center is by definition the formation was under the direct authority of the Chief of Staff of the Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF), currently General Park In-ho. The commander-in-chief of ROKAF was on the spot that day, leading the opening ceremony of … Read more

Soyuz rocket of a rare variant launched from Plesieck. With a military satellite

The Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed that on September 9 this year, another military satellite was launched using the Soyuz 2.1w rocket. According to reliable, but unofficial reports, it is an imaging recognition system – classified under the name Razbieg n ° 1. The launch with the load of Razbieg was carried out from the … Read more

South Korea it relies on early warning microsatellites and privatization of know-how

The latest declarations and reports on South Korean plans are related to the approved in August this year. a broad government spending program for the development of satellite and missile technologies. Let us recall that according to its content, South Korea will invest as much as 16 trillion won (KRW – which gives as much … Read more

Spectacular but unsuccessful debut of the Firefly Alpha rocket

The test space launch of the Firefly Aerospace rocket took place on September 3 this year. from the Space Launch Complex 2 launcher at the Vandenberg base in California, at 03:59 am Polish time (CEST). At the first attempt to fire, the countdown was interrupted at the last minute for unspecified technical reasons. The second … Read more