Mars Breakthrough Peers Under The Red Planet’s Surface in Scientific First

Peering deeper below the surface of Earth can tell us a lot about its history and geological make-up, and it’s the same for any other planet. Now the InSight lander on the surface of Mars has provided our first in-depth look at what lies just beneath the red planet’s surface. The seismometer on board InSight … Read more

Wild Idea Envisions Future Spacecraft Spraying Their Own Instant Landing Pads

Space exploration requires all kinds of interesting solutions to complex problems. There is a branch of NASA designed to support the innovators trying to solve those problems – the Institute for Advanced Concepts (NIAC). They occasionally hand out grant funding to worthy projects trying to tackle some of these challenges. The results from one of … Read more

The Montreal Protocol saved the ozone layer and limited global warming

Modeling of the state of the ozone layer by the European Space Agency, based on data collected by the ERS-2 satellite, in January 1996. AFP In the 1970s, scientists sounded the alarm: the ozone layer was deteriorating. This protective barrier which filters ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun is gradually disappearing over Antarctica. A few … Read more