Marisa Fotieo | Coronavirus United States: Teacher spent five hours in the bathroom of an airplane after learning that she had covid-19 | Michigan | Iceland | Narration | EC Stories | VIDEO | WORLD

A teacher from Michigan (U.S) spent five hours locked in the bathroom of the plane in which she was traveling from Chicago to Reykjavik (Iceland) after discovering that she had coronavirus by means of a quick test that was done during the flight, reported a television channel. Marisa Fotieo confirmed to NBC News that decided … Read more

The Decision Of The Singer Of Roxette Upon Learning Of Her Illness

roxette.jpg La cantante de Roxette, Marie Fredriksson. Getty Images -> Full of fear Following Fredriksson’s devastating cancer diagnosis, he spent three years with treatment, and later wrote about it. “fear” that he had experienced on a solo album, called The Change. “Suddenly the change was here,” he sang, “cold as ice and full of fear … Read more

The Best New STEM Education Resources from NASA-JPL in 2021 – Edu News

In 2021, we added nearly 80 STEM education resources to our online catalog of lessons, activities, articles, and videos for educators, students, and families. The resources feature NASA’s latest missions exploring Earth, the Moon, Mars, asteroids, the Solar System and the universe beyond. Here are the 10 resources our audiences visited most this year. NASA’s … Read more

Male mice exposed to simulated deep space radiation experienced impaired spatial learning

Impact of Simulated Deep Space Radiation Exposure. Alluvial diagram to depict the impact of simplified GCR simulation (GCRsim) over time during future lunar and Mars missions. Male cohorts displayed increased monocyte level, impairments in spatial learning, increased microglia activation, and altered synapse levels. Despite early increased monocyte levels measured in the Male + PLX cohort, … Read more

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson visits Challenger Learning Center of Tallahassee

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, center, and his wife, Grace, introduce themselves to J. Murray Gibson, left, Dean of the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering; Richard McCullough, President of Florida State University, and Larry Robinson, President of Florida A&M University at the Challenger Learning Center of Tallahassee. (Mark Wallheiser/FAMU-FSU College of Engineering) Florida State University and Florida … Read more

In Paris, luxury boutiques are learning to live without Chinese tourists

At Galeries Lafayette, in Paris, in May 2020. ALAIN JOCARD / AFP The valet of the Chanel store on rue Saint-Honoré is categorical: “Foreign customers are back in Paris”, he says, Tuesday, September 28. ” At last ! “, also congratulate the two concierges of the Hotel Costes located on this Parisian artery known for … Read more

Corona lateral thinkers operate “learning oasis” near Rosenheim: authorities surprised at the extent – “a novelty”

Updated: 24.09.202114:16 conclude Markus Christandl The authorities prohibited the operation of an illegal school in the Rosenheim district on Wednesday. There 50 children were taught in an old farm. The government has now been able to assign the operator to the lateral thinker and imperial citizen scene. Rosenheim – Thick fog lies over Deutelhausen when … Read more