“We leave Milan. The only direct flight between Italy and South America”

Latam Airlines has returned to Milan Malpensa where, from tomorrow 3 December, it will take off for Sao Paulo, “Actually opening thesingle direct link (at least until next March) between Italy and South America – points out João Murias, commercial director central, Southeast Europe and Middle East -. Our goal is to achieve a load … Read more

Orange CEO Stéphane Richard will leave his post at the end of January at the latest after his conviction in the Tapie case

The CEO of Orange, Stéphane Richard, was sentenced to a one-year suspended prison sentence and a fine of 50,000 euros for complicity in the embezzlement of public funds in the Tapie affair. ERIC PIERMONT / AFP He appealed in cassation but will not remain at the head of the telecoms giant. Sentenced to one year … Read more

Fátima Bernardes returns to the Meeting after many weeks of leave and unburdens herself

Fátima Bernardes returned to the command of the Meeting (Image: Reproduction / Globo) Fatima Bernardes returned to Meeting, gives Globe, this Monday (22), after six weeks away on sick leave. The presenter was greeted with flowers and talked about her recovery from surgery on her left shoulder tendon. “Glad to be back! We go out … Read more

They threaten Memo Ochoa’s wife: ‘If your husband does not leave, we will kill them’

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 17.11.2021 20:24:33 Among those who continue with the homophobic scream in the stadiums, those who cling to blows and those who threaten players on social networks, Mexico seems to be “in the hole” in fan behavior. And since some do not understand that soccer is a game, Guillermo Ochoa’s family … Read more

United States calls on nationals to leave warring Ethiopia “immediately”

Soldiers march in Addis Ababa on November 7, 2021. EDUARDO SOTERAS / AFP On Monday, November 15, the United States again urged its nationals to leave ” at once “ Ethiopia at war on their own, adding that there will be no military evacuation operation – as was the case with Afghanistan. The American embassy … Read more

Traffic light negotiations: Working groups leave questions unanswered for the top round

BAccording to information from the German Press Agency, there are still important unanswered questions in the negotiations on a traffic light coalition. There has been progress in areas such as climate, finance, transport, and foreign and defense policy, but the papers of the working groups have brackets – this means that there is still no … Read more

“Disrespect”. And Alex Belli wants to leave the house

GF Vip: Delia in tears «You have disrespected me, when you drink it’s not you», Belli wants to leave the house. After comparison with Soleil, Duran meets her husband during the live on Friday evening to warn him. Read also> GF Vip, Delia, wife of Alex Belli attacks Soleil: “You’re a dead cat”, she replies … Read more

Haru El Barack’s message to Vincent Verhaag: Daddy Don’t Leave Me : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Vincent Verhaag, Jessica Iskandar’s husband tells a heartbreaking story about his son, El Barack. The 7-year-old secretly delivered a message without Jessica Iskandar’s knowledge. El Barack seemed worried if the former host of My Trip My Adventure left. He ordered Vincent not to leave him. Also Read: Promise to Live Forever, His Friend … Read more

CDU boss Armin Laschet speaks the election result nicely: “Leave cups in the cupboard”

Not an easy course for Armin Laschet: The CDU leader gives his farewell speech as head of the state at the state party conference of the CDU in North Rhine-Westphalia. Despite the election debacle, Laschet does not see his party in crisis. The CDU federal chairman Armin Laschet has warned his party not to talk … Read more

French Ambassador to Belarus forced to leave the country

The Ambassador of France in Belarus, Nicolas de Bouillanne de Lacoste. SITE OF THE EMBASSY OF FRANCE IN BELARUS. The French ambassador to Belarus had no choice but to pack his bags. Nicolas de Bouillane de Lacoste indeed left the country, Sunday, October 17, after an ultimatum from Minsk. “Ambassador Nicolas de Lacoste left Belarus … Read more