NASA advisor quits after the agency keeps a $10 billion telescope named after James Webb, who was a senior State Department official during the persecution of gay and lesbian government employees

A NASA advisor quit after the agency decided to keep the name of the James Webb Space Telescope. Chris Gunn/NASA A NASA advisor quit after the agency decided to keep a space telescope named after James Webb. Webb was undersecretary of state in the 1950s when gay and lesbian federal employees were dismissed. Lucianne Walkowicz … Read more

Love Of Lesbian Celebrates Its Quarter Century With A Concert At The “exclusive” Roman Theater Of Mérida

Love of Lesbian have celebrated their quarter of a century on stage with a new concert on their tour, in this case at the “exclusive” Roman Theater of Mérida this past Saturday within the Stone & Music Festival 2021. The artist Santi Balmes has highlighted during the performance that when They began to prepare the … Read more

The Total Show Of Love Of Lesbian Blows The Audience Of Cooltural Go!

The voice15:40 • 16 ago. 2021 How much dance can a plastic chair hold? Of course, if the manufacturers needed to do an endurance test, what happened this Sunday night in the Love Of Lesbian concert within the Cooltural Go! it could well be worth them as a test and test one hundred percent reliable. … Read more

“This is a lesbian … the other is a man”, a Belgian homophobic journalist La La

Lyou disrespectful comments from the sports journalist of flamenco public television VRT Eddy Demarez over the players of the Belgian basketball team, fresh from Tokyo, have unleashed a wave of outrage in Blgica. The journalist of the flamenco sports channel sporza, who was doing a live show and was not aware that he was on … Read more

The Story Of Lesbian Nuns Causing A Stir At Cannes

Low instincts, Elle and now Benedetta. Dutchman Paul Verhoeven returned to the top competition at Cannes with a provocative thriller about a lesbian nun who scandalized 17th century Italy. The 82-year-old unconventional filmmaker is competing for the Palme d’Or for the third time, this time with the story of Sister Benedetta, a woman convinced that … Read more

The Lesbian Nun And The Sex Scene That Scandalize In Cannes

Related news Do not say scandal, say it Paul Verhoeven. The director knows what a good controversy is, how can the head of films not know? What Basic Instinct O Showgirls. At 82, Verhoeven continues with his provocative, iconoclastic and irreverent spirit as on the first day. His latest film proves it, Benedetta, which has … Read more