the United Kingdom grants 23 additional licenses to the French

French fishermen block the port of Saint-Malo to denounce the lack of licenses granted by the United Kingdom, on November 26, 2021. SAMEER AL-DOUMY / AFP The UK has granted 23 additional licenses to French fishermen, a UK government spokesperson said on Saturday (December 11th). The announcement comes the day after a deadline set by … Read more

the Channel Island in the uncertainty of tensions over fishing licenses

French fishermen angry at the loss of access to the waters demonstrate off the island of Jersey in May 2021. OLIVIER PINEL / AP Faced with the onslaught of rain and squalls, Steph Noel gave up going out to sea, Monday 1is November, to fish for shellfish and lobsters for which Jersey waters are famous. … Read more

London grants a reduced number of licenses to the French, Paris denounces “inadmissible decisions”

Demonstration of a French fishing vessel in Saint Helier, the capital of the Channel Island of Jersey, on May 6, 2021. SAMEER AL-DOUMY / AFP For fishermen and the French government, the account is not there. Gabriel Attal, the government spokesperson denounced, Wednesday, September 29, “Totally unacceptable and inadmissible decisions” after the refusal of the … Read more

Denied Licenses, But They Need Your Job: The Life of Immigrants in Oklahoma | Univision Immigration News

If Oklahoma State Legislators Had Approved the Bill HB 2989 a year ago, the Mexican Óscar Rodríguez would drive with an official license, without fear that a policeman stop you, give you a fine and impound your car. In the worst case, the agent would stop you to verify your identity against a database that … Read more

three-month extended licenses by Jersey

Fishing trawlers from Boulogne-sur-Mer (Pas-de-Calais), December 14, 2020. DENIS CHARLET / AFP Two days before the deadline for the outcome of negotiations between Brussels and London on fishing in the Channel Islands set for June 30, the Jersey government announced on Monday June 28 that it had accepted the three-month license extension. provisional contracts granted … Read more