December announcement of a new Polish-German space mission

The conference, organized in the “Delta” building of the Wrocław Technology Park, is an open event open to anyone interested in the space sector. During the meeting, a project of a satellite space mission will be presented, the aim of which will be to test technologies related to optics and self-diagnosis of satellites in space … Read more

The Japanese Epsilon rocket launched 9 light satellites into orbit

The successful launch of the Epsilon rocket was carried out on the initiative of the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), which undertook the launch of 9 light demonstration satellites, including a device designed to test the method of removing space debris. The rocket launch took place on October 8 at 9:55 Japanese time (JST – … Read more

President of Creotech Instruments: “95 percent of our clients are foreign buyers”

“The recipients of our products are usually international customers, both in the space area and in the area related to the so-called scientific instrumentations“- said the president of Creotech Instruments, Dr. Grzegorz Brona, in a statement for, discussing the threads of the company’s activities and development plans so far. As he emphasized, it is … Read more

South Korea it relies on early warning microsatellites and privatization of know-how

The latest declarations and reports on South Korean plans are related to the approved in August this year. a broad government spending program for the development of satellite and missile technologies. Let us recall that according to its content, South Korea will invest as much as 16 trillion won (KRW – which gives as much … Read more

Spectacular but unsuccessful debut of the Firefly Alpha rocket

The test space launch of the Firefly Aerospace rocket took place on September 3 this year. from the Space Launch Complex 2 launcher at the Vandenberg base in California, at 03:59 am Polish time (CEST). At the first attempt to fire, the countdown was interrupted at the last minute for unspecified technical reasons. The second … Read more

SatRevolution merges with a listed company. New Connect in an accelerated mode

SatRevolution and EasyCall (ECL), together with the main SatRevolution shareholders, i.e. Radosław Łapczyński, Grzegorz Zwoliński and Damian Fijałkowski, as well as the main ECL shareholders, i.e. January Ciszewski and Artur Błasik, concluded a merger agreement, the subject of which is the commitment to undertake the transaction exchange of SatRevolution shares for ECL shares. More precisely … Read more