Marco Castello in “Luminarie” reveals what he likes about Christmas

Illuminations is the new song by Marco Castello per 42 Records. The song was surprisingly released on December 20, 2021, on the “octave” day of Saint Lucia, to ideally close the feast of the patron saint of Syracuse. The music of Marco Castello is closely linked to its land, to the traditions of Sicily, and … Read more

“Likes” for anti-Semitism – new allegations against TV presenter – domestic politics

New irritations around the journalist Nemi El-Hassan (28), who is criticized for taking part in anti-Semitic demonstrations, including calls for “gassing”. While the WDR has suspended its cooperation with El-Hassan and is examining the allegations, new incriminating positions have emerged. In the summer of 2021, for example, the journalist “liked” anti-Israeli to anti-Semitic content on … Read more

Deactivating Likes On Facebook: Goodbye To Digital Anxiety

Should social media be controlled? Before explaining the process you must follow to stop seeing these interactions on your Facebook account, we would like to discuss something with you. An issue that is in the social spotlight at the moment: Should social media be controlled? The truth is that things seem to have gotten out … Read more

Michael Jackson’s Birthday, a Series of Facts about the Legend Who Likes to Charity: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The late Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, was a singer who was known to be generous and did not hesitate to donate his income to a charity or to people in need. In his time, Michael was considered the first artist to venture into charity and paved the way for other artists … Read more

Luna Maya admits she likes Nicholas Saputra and refuses to get back with Ariel NOAH : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Boy William again presents an exciting game on his YouTube channel entitled “5 Minutes Aja”. This time Boy invited the famous Indonesian artist, Luna Maya, to have fun together. In the game, Boy and Luna ask each other difficult questions that must be answered. Without further ado, Boy immediately asked, which is more … Read more

The funny thing is Anggi Marito’s story who likes Bollywood films: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – While most women love entertainment from South Korea, it turns out that there are still many who like films and entertainment from India or what is often called Bollywood. From among singers, apparently a beautiful singer who graduated from the Indonesian Idol Special Season named Anggi Marito claimed to like Bollywood. This was … Read more

Afrika Bambaataa, accused of pedophilia: “He likes little children”

Afrika Bambaataa / Archive. Disc jockey, producer and activist Afrika Bambaataa, one of the pioneers of hip hop and founder of the movement Universal Zulu Nation, has been accused of sexual abuse by several men, according to an exclusive report published by the New York Daily News. In late March, the journalist and former member … Read more