After the leak of internal documents, Facebook limits the access of its employees to certain information

A month ago, the Wall Street Journal published a series of investigations based on documents taken away by an ex-employee. DADO RUVIC / REUTERS Facebook has announced that access to certain internal documents, mainly relating to its actions in terms of moderation or policy, will now be more limited, reveals the New York Times, who … Read more

TSMC, a brief history of globalization … and its limits

In the lobby of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company headquarters in Hsinchu, southern China, January 29, 2021. SAM YEH / AFP Suddenly, the world’s leading industry hit the off button. Peugeot, Fiat, Citroën, Volkswagen, Ford, Toyota announced at the end of September the shutdown of a large part of their factories. Opel’s in Eisenach, Germany, has … Read more

Pilsen’s Marcel Gidote’s Holy Crab debut “Humidity Breaking Limits” is full of captivating psychedelic jazz rock

The already colorful waters of domestic neo-psychedelia receive other shades. The Pilsen band Marcel Gidote’s Holy Crab is making their debut with the full-length album “Humidity Breaking Limits”. Its hallmark is a distinctive jazz icing on a tasty rock body. How did the record work? Already somewhat exhausted clichés about soundtrack for a non-existent movie … Read more

in hospitality, “the Italian banking system has severe limits”

A vicious circle from which it is difficult to escape and which continues to penalize national investors, developers and hotel operators. All this without anyone in these months of pandemic having done anything to transfer the liquidity available to credit institutions, favored by particularly accommodating monetary policies, to the advantage of Italian hoteliers. It was … Read more

China limits TikTok use time to 40 minutes per day for under 14s

The TikTok logo, the western version of Douyin. LIONEL BONAVENTURE / AFP ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, announced on Saturday, September 18 that the Chinese version of the famous short video application, dubbed Douyin, would no longer be accessible to users under the age of 14 beyond forty minutes a day as well as … Read more

What are the limits of space exploration?

02:32 Space research has proved successful in low Earth orbit and now returning to the moon or landing on Mars are the main goals for space exploration. But what will be needed to achieve safe and successful exploration in the future? Is human fragility a limit that can be overcome when exploring space and how? … Read more

French diplomacy and the limits of a solitary exercise

Emmanuel Macron, during a press conference after a meeting of the G5 Sahel, at the Elysee Palace, July 9, 2021. JEAN-CLAUDE COUTAUSSE FOR “THE WORLD” “What is your definition of leadership? “ At the end of September 2020, the meeting between Emmanuel Macron and Lithuanian students was drawing to a close, at Vilnius University, when … Read more

Loki: There Were No Limits For The Cameos And Easter Eggs Of Episodes 5 And 6, Says The Writer | Tomatazos

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has raised endless possibilities for each of the characters that have already had their place on the screen, as well as those who seemed to only remain in some corner of the comics. Now that the original Marvel Studios and Disney Plus series have been running since the beginning of the … Read more