What locations is Deathloop’s Blackreef Island inspired by? Its creators reveal it

Arkane explains what real locations they were based on to create Blackreef Island, Deathloop’s main setting. Deathloop is one of the best games we have seen this year, and in fact many of you do not hesitate to put it on your lists for GOTY 2021. It is available in PS5 and PC. Developed by … Read more

5 best drop locations to rank up faster in Free Fire’s Bermuda map (September 2021)

Free Fire has an exciting ranking system for players. There are lots of different tiers with rewards and titles. Bermuda is a fan-favorite map in the game. Gamers with a good sense of where to land on the map during rank push can easily reach higher tiers. A good drop location needs to have a … Read more

British Government Says No to Vaccination Certificate (in high-frequency locations)

It’s the end of the digital vaccination certificate in the UK (but take it easy)! Although we are still in a state of pandemic and all the measures that have been adopted, some countries have followed other paths. According to recent information, the mask may become mandatory again in the UK. The British Government announced … Read more

5 best Free Fire drop locations to avoid early exits and improve K/D ratio

Landing at hot drops is one of the common mistakes that gamers make in Free Fire. These locations are player magnets that can attract at least 10-15 participants at a time. Fighting against a significant number of players can result in an early exit. Due to an early exit in a Free Fire match, users’ … Read more

Severe weather at the weekend: “We only know which locations will be affected 30 to 90 minutes in advance.”

SPIEGEL: Mr. Friedrich, is the next catastrophe in store for us this weekend? Andreas Friedrich: New storms are coming, yes. Overall, however, we have a different general weather situation than during the floods caused by low »Bernd«. Several days of heavy rain and especially continuous rain came together with huge amounts of precipitation over a … Read more