Loki Would Have Made A Small Introduction Of Marvel Vampires To The MCU | Tomatazos

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This Is How It Was To Write The Script For Loki And Then That Of Doctor Strange 2

The creator of the Loki series was commissioned to write the script for Doctor Strange: Into The Multiverse of Madness. The writer compared the experiences. The script of a production is the basis of everything. What is written on those pages is what I know, what is heard and even what invites us to feel. … Read more

“It Is Probably A Coincidence.” The Director Of ‘Loki’ Discards The Fan Theory About The Ending Connected With ‘Scarlet Witch And Vision’ … More Or Less

As happened with the other series of Marvel, ‘Loki‘has aroused great enthusiasm among fans and spawned numerous theories during the broadcast of its six chapters. One of these hypotheses has attracted special attention because it connects the final episode with the outcome of ‘Scarlet Witch and Vision‘(‘ WandaVision ‘), and now it has reached the … Read more

Tom Hiddleston Movies Where Loki Isn’t: I Saw The Light and Midnight In Paris

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UCM: End Of WandaVision And Loki, Connected By Scarlet Witch VIDEO

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Loki Is Another Example Of Marvel’s Lukewarm LGBTQIA + Inclusion | Tomatazos

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It Was The Deleted Scene Of Loki Involving Chris Hemsworth.

LOKI composer reveals that deleted scene from “King Loki” was to include a fight between Loki and Throg! We know the Loki series was supposed to include a fight scene between Throg and Loki that was deleted from the Disney + series, and soundtrack composer Natalie Holt has now confirmed that the footage … «Roi … Read more