Active tourism is no longer a niche but a flexible product suitable for everyone

There is a lot of pride among the protagonists of the panel dedicated to active tourism today at the Ttg in Rimini. Starting with Monica Malpezzi Price, president of ActiveItaly and true host of the event: “Ours is a varied and extremely flexible offer, ranging from self-guided tours to pure tailor-made tours. Above all, however, … Read more

Finally Debut, Melisa Hart Hopes The Song No Longer Misses Many Covers: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Being the 4th place winner in the talent search event Indonesian Idol Special Season, singer Melisa Hartanto received a lot of attention from music lovers in Indonesia. Especially after his performance of singing the song “Los Dol” which was popularized by Denny Caknan, it went viral to reach more than 8.5 million views … Read more

Peek Deep Lyrics No Longer Missing from Melisa Hart : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Finalist of the top 4 Indonesian Idol Special Season Melisa Hartanto or better known as Melisa Hart is back to greet her fans by releasing her first single. Under the auspices of the music label Hits Records, Melisa Hart released her first single “No Longer Missing”. Carrying the theme of sadness and sadness, … Read more

In Washington, the anger of Adela Raz, ambassador of an Afghanistan that no longer exists

The Afghan flag flies in front of the Afghan embassy in Washington on August 16, 2021, the day after the capture of Kabul by the Taliban. CHIP SOMODEVILLA / GETTY IMAGES VIA AFP Adela Raz was appointed Ambassador of Afghanistan to the United States on July 27 by President Ashraf Ghani. Less than three weeks … Read more

New Opportunity: Jennifer Garner No Longer Hides Her Relationship With Businessman John Miller

Jennifer Garner walks with her love, businessman John Miller Like his ex, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner fell into the arms of an old love again. Actress and businessman John Miller, who I had dated in 2018, They decided to give themselves a new chance and try again. The reconciliation rumors began to surface a few … Read more

For how much longer? – The air for Laschet is getting thinner and thinner – domestic politics

Hope dies last. Despite increasing criticism of the CDU boss and candidate for chancellor Armin Laschet (60), the party leadership is still fighting for a Jamaica coalition with the Greens and the FDP. CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak (36) told BILD on Sunday: “We are going into talks with the FDP and the Greens with … Read more

The 15 departments where the numbers of the Covid-19 epidemic are no longer falling

SCIENCE – While the mask will fall on Monday, October 4 from the faces of students in schools in 47 departments, the government wishes to extend the possibility of using the health pass until the summer of 2022. Two decisions which could seem contradictory, but which recall that the Covid-19 epidemic is unfortunately not entirely … Read more

″The UK is no longer desirable for Portuguese nurses″

Thousands of Portuguese nurses work in the British National Health Service © AFP ByAna Sofia Freitas September 29, 2021 • 00:27 Ana Rita Cavaco stresses that “unfortunately there are many nurses expressing their intention to emigrate, but not to the United Kingdom. There was a real hunt for Portuguese nurses by other countries in Europe, who … Read more